A Complete Guideline on How to Use Chat GPT on WhatsApp

An artificial intelligence conversation box called Chat GPT was created in November 2024. Many have been astounded by how thorough the comments are on numerous issues ever since it was released. Essentially, Chat GPT is a computer program or robot that runs on cloud-based servers. With its quick and simple replies, ChatGPT wants to aid those using it. This demonstrates the broad range of uses for AI. We will show you precisely how to integrate ChatGPT on WhatsApp at this time. 

How do WhatsApp and ChatGPT connect?

By merging ChatGPT with WhatsApp, texting will become easier and more entertaining. It is excellent for brief replies and business communications. As ChatGPT cannot be directly connected to WhatsApp, you must use a number of alternate options. Do not worry; we have included a list of all possible methods for you to utilize below.

Method 1

This guide will walk you through each step of using ChatGPT for WhatsApp to communicate with the AI. This can make it easier for you to get replies to your messages promptly. This guide will walk you through each step of using ChatGPT for WhatsApp to communicate with the AI. This can make it easier for you to get replies to your messages promptly.

Instead of ChatGPT, you will use another AI that is comparable to this technique. With the exception of being a little slower, it is quite comparable to the actual one. It will take a bit longer for the answers to emerge, but they are comparable to the genuine thing.

Open your device, which may be either a laptop or a mobile phone, as the first step.
Step 2: Use the search engine to look up Shmooz AI online and touch the result to access the page.
Step 3: In order to continue using WhatsApp, you must now grant the app access to your device and click “start.”
Step 4: When you’ve done that, WhatsApp will launch automatically, and all you have to do to activate it is send the message “Let’s shamooz.”

Step 5: Alternatively, you may keep the WhatsApp contact number as “ChatGPT” in order to make it seem more genuine and use it to call someone right away if you have an urgent question.
Method 2 Although this method is more challenging, it integrates genuine AI into your WhatsApp. If you want to come out as more sincere, this strategy will work better. In this scenario, the chat box has the ability to reply to any messages. The steps are as follows.
Step 1:
The link, which was made by a developer named Daniel, must first be downloaded. After that, you must utilize the language library.
Step 2:
Choose “download zip” now, launch the terminal, and pick

Step 3: To move on to the next stage, you must next execute the “” program and enter “is.”
Fourth and last step: type “python” Your phone number is immediately entered into the AI chat box. You may use ChatGPT to see if it functions properly by finding it on the WhatsApp account and doing a test.
Way 3 To do this, first make a WhatsApp bot, and then link it to ChatGPT. It is a challenging approach that needs some understanding of coding.
Step 1: You must first sign up for WhatsApp’s API.
Step 2: At this point, you are prepared to utilize Chat Builder to test the chatbot after creating a flow for the chat using the API.
Step 3: To test whether the chatbot is functional, try utilizing it on your mobile device.
Step 4: At this point, a new secret key has to be created. To achieve this, go to the website for Open AI’s API key and copy it.
Step 5: The only thing left to do is to add the Open AI API key to the WhatsApp bot. But take caution to prevent WhatsApp from preventing integration.

Approach 4

This concludes our discussion of all available techniques. SendGPT must be installed on your Chrome browser in order to send ChatGPT chats to WhatsApp. And here is how you can accomplish that on your own.
Step 1:
On your computer, look up “Send GPT with the WhatsApp extension” on the Chrome web store.
Step 2: To add this extension to Chrome, click “add the extension.”
Step 3: To activate the extension, click it on your browser.
Step 4: To access your WhatsApp chat, choose “Open WhatsApp” after that.
Step 5: Conversations from WhatsApp may now be readily sent to the AI and accessed that way.

Some Points to Consider

Being an AI language model, Chat GPT might not always respond in a suitable or proper manner. Employ it for lighthearted or informal interactions but don’t rely on it for important information or decisions.
While Chat GPT is a free service, conventional messaging costs can still be in effect. For specifics, check with your carrier.
Only messages that begin with “@ChatGPT” receive a response from Chat GPT. If you omit the mention, it won’t react to your message.


Since ChatGPT transforms the way information is conveyed, it has become a crucial component of peoples’ lives. It cannot be utilized through WhatsApp, but that did not stop individuals from figuring out a method to combine the two.
Some of these methods produce greater outcomes than others, while others are easier to follow. Now that you know how to add AI robot features to WhatsApp, maybe your everyday life will benefit from it.

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