A Tutorial on How To Get The Phase and Jet Glove In Roblox

The Definitive Guide to Using Jet and Phase Gloves in Roblox Are you prepared to raise the bar on Roblox? Change to the potent Phase and Jet gloves and say goodbye to boring gloves! You can fully utilize the intricate features of these special gloves by following the instructions in this detailed tutorial, which will also help you crush your opponents.


The Phase glove’s potent abilities are a game-changer. You merely need to capture the orb that descends from the sky to obtain it. When compared to the default of 10, which is simply 10, it has 50 power and 16 speed, which is rather quick. When you hit “E,” a little purple glowing heart replaces you. Bob is the only object that can strike you and injure you, both of which are improbable given how infrequent they are. The glove is ideal for crossing over dangerous islands and difficult-to-reach places.

The Jet Showcase

In Roblox, there is a humorous replacement for the standard gloves called the Jet glove, originally known as the Pilot glove. Wait for an orb to descend from the sky or keep an eye out for a large jet that dumps orbs to grab it. In comparison to the Phase glove, the glove has 50 power, which is a little decrease.

Jet Capability

By pressing “E,” you can use the Jet glove’s ability once you acquire it. The orb will be dropped by a jet that will cover the whole arena, giving it a very potent ability. It’s excellent for eliminating opponents and winning games.


You may significantly improve your chances of winning by using the Phase and Jet gloves in Roblox. They have special skills that make it simple for you to enter new spaces and eliminate adversaries. So why not give them a try right now? We sincerely hope that this article has been useful. Please like and subscribe for more Roblox hints and tips!

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