All Of The Taco Bell Sauces Ranked On Heat Level

Sometimes your hunger stays within the bun, but other times it unleashes its fury outside of it, in which case there’s only one thing to do: get your chow on by going directly to the Taco Bell nearby. Taco Bell offers an extensive selection of fast and reasonably priced Mexican food that will quiet your appetite before it becomes unbearable.

When you enter any Taco Bell, the first thing you need to do is decide what to get. Above all things, it is a priority. Nevertheless, the next pressing question that arises shortly after you put down your order is: Which sauces will you match your meal with? This is a very important point since even a small amount of the wrong sauce may quickly elevate an already delicious dish to an uninhabitable realm. Nobody wants to venture into that domain at all. Use this ranking list of all the sauces Taco Bell offers as a guide to help you avoid it.


When you use the term mild, it usually means that anything is excellent, unless you’re referring to the weather. The program was entertaining. It was a passably good meal. You understand. In particular, you want the flavors of the meal you’re eating to hit you hard on the tongue. When you eat, your objective should always be a delicious tongue wallop, which is precisely why Taco Bell’s Mild Sauce should be avoided.

It is noteworthy that there is no overpowering taste in this sauce. Its nearly complete lack of taste is the main problem here. It just gives the impression that the meal you’re biting into is a watery, bland liquid that has no flavor. 

Nacho Cheese

Without creamy, melted yellow cheese, a platter of nachos just isn’t the same. Simple chips may be rather dull on their own, so the cheese is practically a necessity. Of course, the melted, creamy substance is served at places like Taco Bell, where nachos are served. But the nachos aren’t the only thing with cheese. There are additional menu items that come with a nacho cheese drizzle. 

It is a major disappointment that Taco Bell’s nacho cheese isn’t something to write home about. In a cheese sauce, the texture of the cheese is just what you want. It coats your mouth wonderfully and is thick and creamy.


Although ranch dressing is a popular salad dressing, it appears to find its way into or onto many unexpected foods, such as pizza. However, it makes sense—ranch provides a flavor that is cold, creamy, and coats the palate well—and goes well with a variety of savory items. It seems natural that ranch is available on the Taco Bell menu, as the majority of their offerings are savory. However, Taco Bell makes a Spicy Ranch sauce by kicking up the heat a notch.

It doesn’t quite work out, though. The degree of spiciness in the sauce is the main problem here. To give those taste receptors the much-needed wake-up call, there just isn’t enough heat.


It’s a huge disappointment for those who want their meal to have a strong kick of heat when they read the term “hot” in the name or description of a dish and discover that the actual amount of heat is much lower than they had anticipated. A well-balanced use of spice may enhance the tastes of other ingredients and lift a meal to a whole new level. Ironically, though, it’s recommended to skip the Hot Sauce if you want your Taco Bell dish to have a lot of heat.

If the word “hot” is going to be bolded on a sauce package, it better strike hard. It doesn’t have to burn your mouth and make you go for the closest milkshake.

Avocado Ranch

You can end up with something far too rich when you mix two dishes that are already creamy together. This may discourage folks from trying Taco Bell’s Avocado Ranch sauce. As we all know, ranch dressing definitely qualifies as exceptionally creamy. Avocados have a very creamy consistency. However, the rich flavor of this sauce isn’t overbearing. It’s a good take on ranch that will make your Taco Bell meal even better.

This is a relief because ranch sometimes has a strong flavor that overpowers other items put to it. Here, the flavor of the avocado shines through. Though they have a wonderful, delicate flavor that goes well with many things, you might wish the avocado taste was a little greater here.

Fire Sauce

People who enjoy spicy cuisine receive a certain pleasure from burning their tongues, despite the fact that it can occasionally be unpleasant. Although not everyone has the courage to look a hot food in the eye without being scared, those who can understand the satisfaction their palates would feel after conquering a dish that makes others cringe. Customers can purchase Fire Sauce from Taco Bell, and it does a decent job of simulating the feeling that your mouth is on fire. You don’t, however, require a soft drink. Please let that bad boy burn.

Now that the Fire Sauce is hot, it’s not unbearably hot, which is a wonderful thing. 

The jalapeño taste is fairly strong but not overpowering, which is what makes it so lovely. Despite not being the spicier peppers, jalapenos still manage to deliver a mean heat punch in this sauce. Though you get this rising-lowering hot feeling as you eat, the creamy texture nearly cools out part of the spice, which truly enhances the enjoyment of your meal. When you visit Taco Bell again, you will be sorry you didn’t get to try this sauce.

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