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Austria Independence Day 2024 Nationalfeiertag Österreich

26th October is the national Independence Day for the architectural heaven Austria. During World War II this landlocked country has seen the ruling of four allied forces. It was not an easy journey for the Austrians towards the destination of freedom. They even had to endure the pressure of the Cold War. Austria Independence Day is observed on the official signing day of the “permanent neutrality” act.

Austria Independence Day-Date

The constitutional law on the ‘permanent neutrality’ was passed on the 26th of October 1955. So the 4 allied forces, Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, and France surrendered on this day, making Austria a free nation. However, since 1965, Austrians celebrate Austria Independence Day as their ‘national day’.

Austrian Independence Day

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Interesting Facts about Austrian Independence Day

Here are some important and interesting facts about the small East alpine country Austria related to their independence.

  • After WW II, on the 26th of October, Austria literally gained independence from 4 different nations at the same time; they are the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britain, and France.
  • The genuine festival of freedom occurred on the 22nd of October rather than the 26th of October.
  • The Eastern part of the country, which was occupied under Soviet rules, truly enjoyed the victory by rejoicing and celebrating on the 26th of October.
  • The West part of the country was afraid of its economic condition. So they really were worried about the departure of the income of 17,000 Americans living in Salzburg. They bought more than 30 million USD yearly to Vienna.
  • It is said that the most memorable event of 1955 for all the Viennese was not the Austria Independence Day but the re-opening of the State Opera. Austrians are famous for their celebration of art and culture and reality withdrawal.

Austria National Day

How to Observe Austria Independence Day?

This central European country enjoys every bit of their Austria Independence Day celebration like other countries. The official and unofficial celebrations vary. The citizens living in and out of the country have many festivities going on throughout the day. Open houses are held at the Office of the Federal President, the Federal Chancellery, ministries, and other public institutions so that the citizens can meet and greet their leaders on this joyous occasion.

People, especially children enjoy this day visiting museums and famous buildings.  But officially the day begins with the Federal President and the Federal Minister for Defense joining the Mass on the Heldenplatz, Vienna.

After that, the Federal President and the Federal Government lay wreaths at the war hero cemetery, to the unknown soldiers. All the political ministers enjoy an ecstatic gathering. On an official event, the New recruits of the Austrian Armed Forces sworn in to join the forces.

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This year marks the 65th independence anniversary for the Republic of Austria. 65 years ago Vienna saw the permanent end to the devastation of World War II. While the fear of some political and economical uncertainty peeked during the time, Austria sure recovered from it and commemorates Austria Independence Day every year.

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