5 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is known for beautiful beaches, laid-back cities, and amazing landscapes. Though it is not possible to see the whole nation and experience what it offers in a single trip, there are some must-see places that you should never give a miss. The following activities and places should be top on the list if you’re looking to explore Australia in a broader way.

Best Places to Visit in Australia

If it’s your first visit, then pick the most important travel spots, such as Brisbane, Whitsundays or Sydney. If it’s second time or you’ve been visiting often, try adding different locations to the list to know more about Australian history, culture, and hidden values.

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Coral Bay

Coral Bay is located in the Western side; if you’re heading from North or Perth, you can find this 1000km away. You need to treat fuel like water to enter into this area. You can plan your trip during fall, during Mar or April season- the Bay water will be quite warm to dip in. It’s recommended to carry snorkeling and mask, if you’re going here. Just 100 feet below the beach, you can find underwater fauna and coral in the crystal clear water. Get inside the coastal area and participate in some adventurous activities or swim alongside a giant shark. It’s actually worth visiting this place, as you get to spot whale shark that lets you swim with them! It’s definitely worth the visit.

Opera House

If there’s something to be called ‘seven wonders of the world’, then Opera House would bag one among the first few places. If you are visiting Sydney, but not exploring Opera House, then your whole trip is considered to be incomplete. Check few other locations to visit here at Uniktour, which organizes trips would surely offer you an awesome time at Sydney, Harbour Bridge, and many more.

Flinders Ranges NP

Located in the South Australia, Flinders Rangers can be easily located from the trail going towards Uluru and Alice Springs from Adelaide. As you travel, you can witness Australia’s longest and greatest hiking trail, namely ‘Heysen’. Try some adventurous activities, like mountain biking to explore the heavenly way. If you want to try this, then Mawson Trail is the ideal choice for bike fans. You can stay and camp at center area, where the amenities are excellent.

Coober Pedy

Known for its opal mining activities, Coober Pedy is the best place to purchase opal gems in the nation. Tourists in large number go here to enjoy underground camping; since natural light is very rare to appear, it’s suggested to carry torch and flash light, if you’re planning something similar.

Ord River

Ord River in Kununurra town is the real attraction; it’s one of the best places to see gorgeous rocks and surroundings. Visit Zebra Rock gallery to witness some great arts.

There are many other fantastic places, but don’t give the above locations a miss to explore the vastness and culture of the Australian continent. Make your trip in Australian-style this time.

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