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Bill Bader Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

Bill Bader Sr., who was associated with turning Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park into one of the most prosperous drag strips in the nation, passed away on Sunday.  Discover more about Bill Bader’s life in this article, including his biography, age, career, net worth, relationships, and other facts.

Bill Bader Wiki


Full Name Bill Bader
Known an Bill Bader
Gender  Male
Profession Businessman
Birth year 1982
Marital Status  Married 
Wife Debbie, Jayme
Daughter Bobbie, Kelly, and Lisa
Son Charge Bader Jr.
GrandSon Evan, Garret, Nathan, and Brett
Death day Sunday
Death age 79 years
Net Worth $7 Million

Early life

In 1982, Bill Bader was born. During his early years, Bill Bader Jr was seeing his father’s accomplishments. His family is definitely the key reason for his achievement. He was raised by a single mom and a father who possessed the same enthusiasm for racing.

Private Life

Bill Bader was married to Debbie and Jayme. He had three daughters named Bobbie, Kelly, and Lisa and a son named Charge Bader Jr. he had four grand sons also named Evan, Garret, Nathan, and Brett.


With the popularity of the show, the Bader family has expanded. Bill Bader Jr has a daughter, Evan, who has become the co-announcer and part of the show. Furthermore, as Bill Bader Jr. took over his father’s inheritance, the family’s wealth rose rapidly.

Bill Bader Sr. left the racing industry in 2004. He had a homestead on a mountaintop with a view of the Salmon River. The well-known racer constructed numerous racetracks, and sanctioning organizations, and treated spectators like royalty. His net worth is roughly $1 million. His numerous accomplishments have earned him a prominent position in the sector. However, the net worth of Bill Bader is still unknown to most people.

His family is one of the key reasons for his success. He was brought up by a single mother who also had a father who loved racing. In April 1974, he acquired the Norwalk Dragway and welcomed racers from all over the world to the facility. His son, Charge Bader Jr, took his father’s methods and serves as the President of Norwalk Raceway. The track is now regarded as one of the world’s premier drag racing venues.


Bill Bader Sr., 79, the longtime director and operator of Summit Motorsports Park, died following an accident near his house on Sunday in northern Idaho.

Bill Bader Jr., the late Bill Bader’s son, posted a notice of his passing on the Facebook page of Summit Motorsports Park. The notice was released immediately after the completion of the annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals– an event the facility has held since 2007 and one of the largest on the circuit program.

Quick Facts

  1. Bill Bader Sr., a former owner of Summit Motorsports Park who possessed the unusual mix of P.T. Barnum, a showman with the commercial expertise of Warren Buffett, passed away on Sunday at the age of 79 after an accident on his Idaho farm.
  2. Since his retirement in 2004, Bader, who had controlled the IHRA along with his wife Debbie, has resided north of Riggins, Idaho.
  3. The Summit Motorsports Park is currently owned and run by Bill Bader Jr. in Norwalk, Ohio.


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