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Bistro Morgan Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

Morgan is the founder and CEO of the Bistro Morgan doughnut shop. On Junior MasterChef Australia, he has additionally served as a guest judge. Other than that, he has hosted other shows and done a lot for a young man. Wanted to know more about Bistro Morgan? Then read out this article to know his life including his biography, age, career, net worth, relationships, and other facts.

Bistro Morgan’s Wiki


Full Name Morgan Hipworth
Gender  Male
Profession Chef, TV personality, Entrepreneur
Birthday  21st February,2001
Birthplace  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Age 21 years old.
Nationality Australian
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Source of Income Bistro Morgan Business and Salary from Movies and TV Shows
Relationship Single
Net Worth 200 Million (approx.)

Bistro Morgan’s Early Life 

On February 21, 2001, Morgan Hipworth was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Morgan had his sights set on being a chef when he was just 7 years old. His interest in baking and cooking increased as a result of the amount of time he spent watching Masterchef on television. On the weekends, he would transform his dining room table into a restaurant. He referred to it as the Bistro Morgan ( This would later become the name for his business). He would prepare a three-course lunch for his family and friends. He improved as a cook the more he prepared meals for his family. He advanced to attempting more difficult recipes and improved over time.


He attended Caulfield Grammar School, where he made his VCE subject selections based on his intention to study during the school day and work on the weekends and after school. He gives gratitude to his school and instructors for fostering and encouraging his desire to start his own business.


At the age of 7, he began baking and cooking. He became passionate about food after watching Masterchef. He presented a sample of his food to a nearby cafe at the beginning of 2014, after which he took over as the main supplier of all sweets and commodities to that establishment. He soon begins selling his pastries to five cafes, then to fifteen. He was now in charge of everything from his kitchen to his home. Yet he eventually started his Melbourne bakery Bistro Morgan in September 2016 when he was just fifteen years old. In just eight days, the shop sold more than 10,000 doughnuts. Following the shop’s popularity, Morgan recruits full-time bakers whom he trains personally and even some casual front-of-house staff. His business is currently valued in millions of dollars.

In Australia, Morgan served as a judge for Junior MasterChef. In addition, he hosted a mini-series of his own on Nick Jr. Furthermore, Morgan is well-known on social media. On Instagram, he has more than 100,000 followers, and on TikTok, he has more than a million. He has also appeared in a number of media outlets, such as The Today Show, Vice, and Shark Tank Australia.

Private Life

Morgan is a happily single woman who has never been married. He is more concerned with expanding his empire and advancing his profession. Nonetheless, there are rumors that he has had a few previous relationships. Despite his achievements, he still has tight personal contact with his family. His family has been incredibly encouraging to him, and during his stint on Shark Tank Australia, his father even assisted him in estimating the company’s worth.

FAQ about Bistro Morgan

Is Morgan a chef?

Morgan Hipworth, an influential chef from Australia, talks about his love of food and his extraordinary journey, starting at the age of nine when he held his first Sweets and Treats home bake sale.

Is Morgan Hipworth a successful entrepreneur?

Morgan is a 16-year-old entrepreneur and doughnut expert.


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