Blox Fruits – 9 NOOB to PRO Tricks, Level Guide

Greetings, readers! We are delighted to share with you our comprehensive guide to Blox Fruits in 2024. This thorough guide includes 9 expert recommendations that can quickly transform you from a novice to a seasoned expert. We are sure that our tutorial will help you have a better gaming experience. So let’s get started straight now without further ado!

1. Selecting the Proper Fruit for Grinding

Your success in the game depends on the fruit you choose to grind. In the first season, we advise beginners to use light ice or magma fruit. Some fruits have special qualities that make grinding them simple. The lava fruit leaves behind magma that harm foes who tread on it, while the light ice fruit includes a blade that may do passive damage. To get better outcomes, you’ll need to upgrade to better fruits as you go through the game.

2. Bewitching

You must purchase enchantment from the abilities instructor, who can be located in the cave on the winter island. Enchanting is a crucial talent. You can harm high-level NPCs that possess elemental time fruits by using magic. Enchantment is a vital skill for any player hoping to advance in the game since it does additional damage when activated.

3.Grinding vs PVP

Your success in the game depends on knowing which fruits are ideal for PVP and which ones are better for grinding. For instance, the dough fruit isn’t as effective at grinding as the magma fruit is. On the other hand, player vs player combat is better suited to PVP skills like the dough fruit. We advise grabbing a grinding fruit first and switching to a PVP fruit once the game is over because you can only have one fruit equipped at a time.

4. Two-Mastery

One of the coolest game passes for Blox Fruits is Double Mastery, which makes it possible to level up your fruit, fighting style, or sword much more quickly than normal. This pass is very helpful when trying to swiftly level up a new fruit. Also, we advise purchasing the Double Money pass, which enables you to purchase in-game stuff and advance the game much more quickly.

5. Codes

In Blox Fruits, using codes is a great technique to make XP farming simpler. You may use one of the many codes that are readily accessible online to gain double experience for a set period of time. You can get at least five hours of double XP by combining all of these codes, which is plenty to level up swiftly.

6.Server hopping 

A great approach to beat a boss again quickly without having to wait for it to respawn is by switching servers. You can find the same boss waiting for you by selecting the server hop option and joining a different server. This speeds up the XP grinding process. We advise barring a player from your game prior to server hopping to make sure you don’t join the same server again.

7.Combative Style

When gaining experience in Blox Fruits, choosing the right combat style is essential. The default fighting method and Water Kung Fu are very dissimilar. We advise saving money for Water Kung Fu, the finest combat technique for the entire first sea, after purchasing Enchanting. You may improve it to Sharkman Karate later on. Because there is no lag between the third strike in these two combat styles, they are the greatest for grinding in this game. Moreover, it greatly facilitates grinding when coupled with the Butter Fruit.

8. Make Buddha awake

The second scenario is where we advise you to awaken your Buddha. For grinding, this is the greatest Devil Fruit Awakened edition in the whole game. As your Buddha awakens, you may attack foes from a much farther distance.

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