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Braydon Price Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

Famous American YouTuber from North Carolina named Braydon Price has a channel of the same name. He enjoys anything outside, including off-road driving. He enjoys riding anything with an engine and wheels, going hunting, and fishing. His videos primarily include him testing out various cars and taking part in various hobbies like fishing, hunting, motorsports, etc. To know more about Braydon Price’s life including his family, relationship, career read out this article.

Braydon Price Wiki


Full Name Braydon Price
Known an Braydon Price
Gender  Male
Profession YouTube and social media star
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Date of birth 24 August 2000
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 78 kg
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Ex girlfriend Maddie
Net Worth $2.25 Million

Early life

On August 24, 2000, Price was born in Los Angeles, California. He is presently a Monroe, North Carolina resident. His family has a mixture of ancestries.

When it comes to his family history, Braydon is rather reserved. From a young age, this boy showed a strong interest in automobiles. The video, titled THE DIRT BIKES, was uploaded by this person in 2014 and featured him riding bicycles.  He enjoys riding motorcycles in his free time, hence the reason for the abundance of such images on his many web pages.

Private Life

Braydon used to reside with his parents in North Carolina. However, as his YouTube business grew, he was able to purchase his own home. The house was 1.5 acres large, had two garages, and an outdoor swimming pool. He continues to reside near his parents.

Braydon Price has a history of dating a woman by the name of Maddie. Although their relationship has ended, she appears in some of his videos. They split up, according to Braydon, since she went to college and their hobbies weren’t compatible.

When a video of Price getting handcuffed appeared online, it also made their breakup a major issue. Because of this, some fans conjectured that he mistreated Maddie as a companion. However, this claim was never shown to be accurate, and no other sources mention that Braydon was imprisoned.


The price had its YouTube debut on August 17, 2013. The video he uploaded first, titled “The Dirt Bikes (What We Will Be Riding),” was his first. Since then, he has been making movies about a range of activities, including hunting, practical jokes, fishing, off-roading, and anything related to outdoor cars.

Since the beginning, he has consistently uploaded daring content. His channel is growing rapidly as a result. “Buck Comes Back After Being Shot By Bow Hunter!!” is his most popular video.

He uploads two to three new videos to his channel each week. He currently has 1.54 million subscribers and more than 550 million views on his account with the same name.

Controversies involving Braydon Price

The news that James was seeing Maddie caused a major uproar. There were recordings on YouTube and other websites alleging that Braydon had been arrested shortly after their breakup was announced. However, this was only a rumor; we don’t have any verified facts at this time.


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