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Candle Day 2024: History, Activities, Wishes,

Candle Day is a lovely way to welcome the fall and winter for people who genuinely enjoy the pleasure of burning candles to fill their homes with warm, soft light and a delicious aroma.

When is Candle Day?

People all around the nation commemorate Candle Day on the first Saturday in December each year. The well-known American corporation “Bath & Body Works” launched the event.

History of Candle Day

Candle Day, which is often observed on the first Saturday in December, was created by the American retail chain Bath & Body Works. The first location of the Bath & Body Works chain was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1990, and was initially owned by Limited Brands, which also owns companies including Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

The company, which sells things for the body as its name suggests, expanded quickly and today operates more than 2000 outlets worldwide, including 1600 in the US.

The brand Bath & Body Works is especially adored for its amazing fragrances, which range in an appeal from fruity to floral and include a line for males. Sweet Pea, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Cucumber Melon, and Country Apple are a few of the most well-liked perfumes.

Many other goods, including body lotions, scents, room sprays, and, of course, candles, can be found in these well-known scent lines as well as many others. And because Bath & Body Works holds some of their finest bargains on Candle Day, for many people, it’s one of the nicest occasions of the year to celebrate there.

Candle Day was established in 2013 because Christmas and other winter holidays frequently involve gift-giving and because candles make wonderful presents. Additionally, now is an excellent opportunity to buy extra candles for the upcoming winter.

Prepare yourself therefore for Candle Day’s festivities and pleasure!

Candle Day Activities

Candle Day has choices for almost every personality, whether they choose to stay home and relax or venture out and shop at various sales. Think about celebrating with a few of these suggestions:

Activate a Candle

Candle Day offers options for nearly every personality, whether they like to remain in and unwind at home or go out and purchase at various sales. Consider celebrating with some of these ideas:

Purchase a candle or a few!

Visit your neighborhood Bath & Body Works to take advantage of their Candle Day specials and discounts, or seek them up online to have the products delivered right to your door. Customers often have access to the brand’s most well-known 3-wick candles at a significant discount during this yearly event. There may also be discounts available from other brands in observance of Candle Day, such as Yankee Candle.

On Candle Day, give a candle.

What a wonderful occasion to surprise and please someone with a small gift in observance of Candle Day! Find out a friend’s preferred scents and buy them a big pillar candle with a winter theme to celebrate the season. Or, as a token of support, place a tiny votive on a coworker’s desk.

Happy Candle Day Wishes

  • “Wishing you a Candle Day filled with warmth, light, and the soothing fragrance of joy. May your day be as beautiful as the glow of a candle.”

  • “On this Candle Day, may your life be illuminated with love, happiness, and moments that flicker with positivity. Sending you warm wishes and cozy vibes.”
  • “May the candles of hope, peace, and prosperity burn bright in your life on this special Candle Day. Wishing you a year ahead filled with beautiful moments.”
  • “As you celebrate Candle Day, may each flame symbolize a wish coming true and every flicker represent a moment of pure bliss. Here’s to a radiant and joyful day!”
  • “Happy Candle Day! May the candles you light today bring forth a year ahead filled with love, laughter, and all the things that make your heart glow with happiness.”
  • “Wishing you a Candle Day that shines as brightly as the candles you light. May your path ahead be illuminated with success, love, and endless possibilities.”

  • “On this Candle Day, may your life be surrounded by the gentle glow of love, the comforting warmth of friendship, and the soothing fragrance of success. Cheers to a bright future!”

  • “Happy Candle Day! May the flame of positivity guide you through the darkness, and may your days ahead be as bright and beautiful as the flickering candlelight.”


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