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When we originally made the announcement that it was in the pre-registration stage, we have been eagerly anticipating this. A brand-new role-playing game (RPG) called Cookie Run: Kingdom offers real-time fighting, a system for developing cities, and some of the greatest character artwork we’ve seen so far. Almost a million pre-registrations were obtained in less than a week because of the pre-launch campaign’s high level of interest. In fact, the Google Play Store page for this just-published game already shows upwards of a million downloads.

But before we get into the details of the game, we’re happy to let you know that BlueStacks will allow you to play Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC in a matter of simple steps.:

How to Install and Play Cookie Run: Kingdom on PC

As we already noted, Cookie Run: Kingdom is fantastic because of its beautiful art and graphics, as well as its unique blend of mechanics, which we’ll discuss in a moment. Unfortunately, when playing a game on the little screen of your phone, its incredible visuals are partially lost. Thankfully, you can play this fantastic gacha RPG on PC using BlueStacks, our Android emulator, and take in its stunning visuals and fluid animations with the greatest possible performance on your huge monitor.
Simply follow these simple instructions to install Cookie Run: Kingdom on a computer:

  1. On your computer, download and install BlueStacks.
  2. To access the Play Store, finish Google Sign-in now, or wait and do it later.
  3. Use the search box in the top-right corner to look for Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  4. From the search results, choose Cookie Run: Kingdom to install.
  5. If you skipped step 2, finish Google Sign-in to install Cookie Run: Kingdom.
  6. To begin playing, select the Cookie Run: Kingdom icon on the home screen.

You may play the newest game from Devsisters on your PC with a number of tools to enhance your experience following a brief installation process that only takes a few minutes. For more information on how to utilize our Android emulator to simplify and optimize your gaming in this game, check out our BlueStacks guide for Cookie Run: Kingdom.
The gacha RPG has a lot to offer in terms of sights and exploration, and we’ll do our best to encapsulate everything in this succinct summary.

Build and Develop Your Kingdom and Defeat the Cake Monsters

Devsisters, who also created the popular game Cookie Run: OvenBreak, are behind the creation of Cookie Run: Kingdom. While the first version of this game was more of an endless runner, Kingdom offers so much more, including two unique game modes, a huge range of components to explore, characters to unlock, and sights to visit.
You play the GingerBrave in Cookie Run: Kingdom, a cookie with attitude who is saved by a bunch of gingerbread cookies after a bloody struggle against some vicious cake hounds. The two primary game types of Kingdom are demonstrated here after some quick introductions, and GingerBrave is given the task of creating a town for all the cookies to live in and prosper in.

On the one hand, we have the city-building aspect, in which you must use a wide variety of materials to build and upgrade structures, and slowly create a town worthy of your name. And on the other, we have the combat aspect that has you exploring different levels and fighting the vicious enemies within. These levels are presented as straight hallways with a number of encounters, and the goal is simply to reach the end while defeating all the enemies in your way.

Cookie Run: Kingdom was made by Devsisters, the same people that made Cookie Run: OvenBreak, another well-known game. The first version of this game played more like an infinite runner, but Kingdom provides much more, including two distinct game modes, a wide variety of components to explore, characters to unlock, and places to go.
In Cookie Run: Kingdom, you take on the role of the GingerBrave, a cookie with the attitude that fights deadly cake-hounds in a gory conflict before being saved by a group of gingerbread cookies. After a brief introduction and a demonstration of the two main Kingdom game types, GingerBrave is tasked with building a town where all the cookies may reside and thrive.

There are many different Cookies to discover, and mixing various members of your team will typically produce varied outcomes in battle. Really, there are countless options. With each game, finding new team combinations is a big part of the fun, and Cookie Run: Kingdom is no different.

In contrast, Cookie Run: Kingdom is basically what you would anticipate in terms of construction and development. Several aspects of Rise of Kingdoms will be recognizable to anybody who has played games of a similar nature previously, including the freedom with which you may arrange the buildings you erect and the ability to design cities with distinctive and intriguing patterns. You’ll have your job cut out for you when it comes to developing a strong Cookie kingdom since every structure you erect has a specific purpose, whether it be for synthesizing materials, making commodities, or simply providing your cookies with a home.

The goal of all your work, ultimately, will be to gather enough resources to summon new characters through the gacha feature and upgrade your current cookies in order to boost their stats and help them reach their full potential. This will allow you to kick some cake butt and drive the enemy out of your kingdom.

Simply said, Cookie Run: Kingdom is a great game not just because of its gameplay but also because of the way it looks. Devsisters clearly delivered on what they promised in their marketing efforts, and the game is a delight to behold and enjoy. If you’re searching for a solid RPG to get lost in, we highly suggest giving it a shot.


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