How to Delete Cash App History on iPhone and Android-All in One

More than 70 million individuals were using this cash app as of September 2021. The app is becoming more and more well-liked among all users, especially as a result of the Cash App card. It is virtually like Venmo. It is not surprising that some customers attempt to delete their Cash app transaction records only to find that they are unable to do so through the app.

The decision to delete these transaction data would subject the Cash app to full legal repercussions, which is the most crucial security argument for not doing so. How can I remove the Cash app history from my iPhone and Android devices now that it has been officially recognized as a financial transaction institution? You should have access to your whole account history and payment history for no reason. To entirely delete your transaction history, you must cancel your Cash App account.

The reason you can’t remove your history is that this cash app is regarded as a legitimate bank account and financial institution. Hence, to be in compliance with federal requirements, all transactions must be documented. To put it simply, the Cash app conforms with the CCPA, or California Consumer Privacy Act. In reality, it is legislation that particularly defends the right to access, delete, and refuse the release of consumer personal data.

How to Download Cash App History:

Do this if you wish to download your own transaction history.
Use any web browser to access the Cash App website at and sign in using the email or phone number you previously used. You will need to input a code if two-factor authentication is enabled.

  1. You type in the Cash PIN.
  2. On the left side of the screen, choose Settings.
  3. Choose Download Your Data after swiping down to the Your Data header.
  4. Now choose the Activities tab to display your payment history instead.
  5. At the upper right corner of the screen, click Statement.
  6. You may now limit the choice to a certain month. Choose Export CSV, however, to export every activity.

You may now open the file with the downloaded number and list your whole transaction history in Microsoft Excel. It’s a good idea to keep track of all of your financial transactions that are made only for your needs or use. This pertains to all of your payment details, including Transaction ID, Recipient, and other specifics, or details on all money transactions.

How to Delete Cash App History on iPhone and Android:

The sad fact is that you cannot deactivate your account on your own; you must seek assistance from the Cash App Support Team in this respect. The good news is that accessing the screen from which you may contact them is also fairly simple.


  1. Just launch the Cash App mobile applications on your Android or iPhone.
    Tap the profile icon now. 
  2. progressively descend the page, then pick the support place. 
  3. Choose something different. 
  4. Account Settings is chosen. 
  5. Choose to delete your personal data. 
  6. Choose Contact Help from the list at the bottom.

How to terminate your Cash App account: 

It’s comparatively simple to close your account right immediately if you want to bypass the tedious process.


  1. Your iPhone or Android device should now be open to the Cash App mobile app. 
  2. Click the “profile” icon. 
  3. Choose Support from the Support menu, then choose another option. 
  4. Choose Accounts Settings from the menu. 
  5. Choose the option to cancel your Cash App account. 
  6. Choose Confirm from the menu.

Remember that doing this may disable your cache tag, therefore it is a good idea to cancel your account if you believe you are the victim of fraud. If your mind changes, you may open a new Cash App account.

How to Turn on Security Lock:

 To transfer money using this security lock feature, you must utilize Face ID.
Choose Security and Privacy by tapping on your profile symbol now.
To activate the security lock, lightly push the slider. Your Cash PIN must be entered at this point. Your lock will operate as soon as you input your PIN.

Resetting your Cash PIN:

This is how you may finish the task: The Cash PIN is a four-digit code that will serve as the password for all Cash App activities on your account. Finally, you adhere to the system, and you are aware of how to erase Cash App history on iPhone and Android.
Choose the Privacy & Security option under the Profile tab at this point.
Choose the Change Cash PIN option under the Security headline at this time.
Now type in the new PIN that you chose.



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