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Digger Manes Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

“Digger ” Eric A well-known, amusing, and engaging cast member of the docudrama series Moonshiners. In order to keep the tradition alive for future generations, the presentation throws light on their illicit moonshine-brewing practices. Wanted to know more about Digger Mane’s life? Then please continue this article to know Digger Mane’s life including his family, relationship, career etc.

Digger Manes Wiki

Full Name Eric Manes
Popular as Digger
Gender  Male
Ethnicity White
Profession Moonshiner
Nationality American
Date of birth 1974
Place of Birth Newport, Tennessee, USA
Current Residence Newport, Tennessee, USA
Age 48 years
Height 6 feet
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Religion Christianity
Marital Status  Married
Career partner Mike Ramsey
Kids 1.
Net Worth $3 million


Every outstanding individual has a beginning that can be found in a historical account. Digger’s is connected to the illustrious Popcorn Sutton, an American bootlegger and moonshiner. He was first exposed to the trade when he was a small child and later met his mentor as an adult.

Up until his death in March 2009, Sutton molded him to become one of the top moonshiners in the industry. He was also the one who encouraged him to sign up for the fourth season of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, a decision he took long after he had left.

Digger developed his craft to a high level and partnered with Mark Ramsey, a fellow enthusiast for the medium. The two are inseparable and have even collaborated on numerous related projects as partners.

It is impossible to talk about one without mentioning the other because even their social media accounts are both in their names. Eric Digger Manes has had a successful career thus far and is currently worth a whopping $300,000. The majority of it comes from his show pay, although some comes from the Sugarlands Distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which he and Ramsey founded.

Why was Digger Manes Arrested??

The show’s veracity has occasionally been questioned. This happens particularly when people start to wonder, Why aren’t they in jail if they create illicit brews? There are now even reports that Manes will be arrested as a result of this.

The reality is that the TV celebrity has never been inside a jail cell. not yet, at least. This sums up his answer to the show’s detractors who dispute its veracity. Deep among the Appalachian woods, illegal moonshine production takes happening.

The documentary is then broadcast on the channel when the moonshining operations are over. Since it’s impossible to verify whether or not illicit booze is being produced, the law stays out of it. According to him, the law should focus on more serious crimes like muggings, terrorist attacks, and other crimes rather than pursuing their little infractions.

Quick Facts about Digger Manes

  • The mentor of Eric “Popcorn Sutton” was considered a legend in moonshining. He committed suicide to avoid serving imprisonment.
  • His best friend Mark Ramsey is also his business partner.
  • He was a licensed embalmer.
  • The show “Moonshine” showed the life of people who produced illegal moonshine in “Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky”, Tennessee”, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.


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