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Gentille Chhun Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

Gentille Chhun, a native of Cambodia, became well-known after participating in the reality television program Marrying Millions with her lover Brian Bru. However, she had already become wealthy through her profession in the real estate industry before making her appearance. When Gentille was just 19, she made her first home purchase and hasn’t looked back since. Discover more about Gentille Chhun’s Lifestyle including her biography, career, relationship, educational qualification, family etc in this article.

Gentille Chhun’s Wiki


Full Name Gentille Chhun
Gender  Female
Profession Businesswoman, Reality Tv star
Birth date 31st October 1974
Marital Status Dating
Boyfriend Brain Bru
Ethnicity Cambodian
Age 44 years old.
Body measurement 36-26-36
Height 5 feet 5 inchs
Weight 122-149 lbs
Nationality American
Net Worth 15 Million (approx.)

Gentille Chhun’s Origin Story

Gentille Chhun, who was born on October 31st, 1974, is the Cambodian native daughter of a senior military official. She grew up in Cambodia with her family, including a sister and a few brothers. But tragedy struck when her father and brothers were brutally murdered during the bloody Khmer Rouge regime. The realtor claimed that her mother’s bravery was what allowed their lives to be saved.

Even though she was mourning the loss of her husband and children, Gentille’s mother was cunning enough to conceal expensive jewels that they used for survival. With every other member of her family dead, she was only able to escape with her one remaining child. A mother and kid who were refugees in the United States of America were able to support themselves for a considerable amount of time before looking for employment because to their hoard of jewels.

Educational Qualification

The academic accomplishments of Gentille Chhun were documented there. After graduating from Waltrip High School, the realtor enrolled at Houston Community College, an institution affiliated with the University of Houston. Although we don’t know the specifics of the realtor’s course of study or graduation year, she attended Pheonix School of Holistic Health in search of further educational credentials.

As she then pursued business education, which led her to enroll in the MoneyWorld RE School, Gentille definitely comes across as the studious sort. The Cambodian woman also visited Airworks Aviation School, where she received training and obtained her private pilot’s certificate.

English, French, and of course her native Cambodian are all three languages that Chhun speaks fluently.

Career of Gentille Chhun

When she started working three jobs a day to make ends meet, she had just turned 16 years old. The teenager’s mother wanted her daughter to live the same luxurious life they had did in Cambodia because she was the daughter of a senior military official. So, until she reached 19, the motivated teen put in many long hours at strange jobs. Chhun worked hard and spent sparingly while saving the majority of her income. As a result, the diligent worker was able to buy her first property as a teenager. When she signed the paperwork for her first home, she was but 19 years old.

It goes without saying that Gentille’s decision to purchase a home at that time was not just to give her family a place to live; she regarded that particular investment as the first of many more to come. She has millions of dollars’ worth of assets under her belt as a successful real estate investor today. Over 85% of the listings listed by the realtor are said to have sold. The Cambodian woman is employed by Reality ONE Group as a realtor, according to her Linkedin page. The owner of a YouTube channel called Gentille Chhun offers guidance to aspiring and rising real estate brokers.

She now has stakes across a number of industries, including rentals. In addition, she is the proud owner of acreage-sized properties in the United States. Her long-term goal is to enter the European and Asian real estate markets.

Personal Life

Brian Bru is a maintenance handyman who still lives with his parents, and Gentille Chhun discovered love in his arms. According to rumors, Brian showed in just as Gentille was looking for someone to handle some construction work for her. The Cambodian beauty seemed to adore her partner, but her friends had some misgivings about him. For starters, they searched for evidence of his secretive concealment from Gentille of the fact that he had once been engaged to a wealthy woman. Again, the fact that a man of his age is still living with his parents says a lot. Because of these factors, the realtor’s acquaintances believed that she had been taken by surprise by love.

In addition to these, Gentile’s friends assert that they have a bad feeling about Brian. They consequently tend to disregard him, but interestingly, Gentille has never defended them when they treat her partner badly. She merely declined to defend the man and instead insisted that her buddies were attempting to shield her.


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