German Language Day 2024 Quotes, Wishes, Messages, and Greetings

German Language Day occurs each year on the 2nd Saturday in September. Send wishes to your German friends. This year it will be held on 10th September. Germany is mainly spoken in Central European countries. To celebrate the Day you can send SMS, greetings, or wishes to your German friends. Here I have presented a collection of Messages, Wishes, and Greetings.

German Language Day Greetings

-Words kept us all connected since the very first time man spoke and as to celebrate the beauty if our language a happy German language day to you

– The tongue we speak when we are born, is the tongue we call German in our land, let us all celebrate the day on behalf of our mother tongue

-Lets all spread the knowledge of the German language and let the world know of its sweetness, and celebrate this German-language day

– Just like there is only one mother, there is only one mother tongue, and we call it German, let’s celebrate this language keeping us all connected on this German-language day

-Our emotions are a bird in a cage if there is no language to explain, let’s free those birds, and speak our hearts out and celebrate this German-language day

– We cry, we laugh, but to express our mind we use our German language, and let us celebrate a day on behalf of it

greetings in German language
greetings in German language

– A happy German language day to my entire fellow Germans and hope we cherish this tongue of ours and also let the world have a taste of what it is like to speak German

-We all love to speak what our mind has, and to do that we all need a language we can speak, and for us that is our mother tongue, German, so to celebrate this day, we wish all a happy German language

-We feel privileged to call ourselves the readers of Bertolt Brech, we feel good to hear poems in

, and feel blessed to celebrate this German-language day

– Have we ever thought we would be nowhere if we didn’t have our own language, and this tongue has given us the opportunity to communicate, connect to the world, and on its behalf a happy German language day to all


-Of all other languages the German language is some hung which very few people get the privilege and the patience to learn, and we have that from birth, so let’s celebrate this day on behalf of our mother tongue

-We speak our mind, and our language makes it audible to the listeners, so as a tribute to our mother language, we all celebrate this German-language day and hope you do so as well

-As an acknowledgment to our great German poets, that their language has become one of the greatest among the world, we celebrate German language day on this behalf

-Our sadness, our happiness everything our language has helped us to express, so why not celebrate a day for its existence in our lives, and hence a happy German language day

-let us all celebrate this day since this day we remember the value of our German language, the language we speak from our birth, the tongue we call mother tongue

-never shall you forget what is your own, rather cherish it and spread it all around yourselves, so is our mother tongue German, let us all celebrate this German language day and make all know the value of language

-a merry German language day to all my fellow Germans, hope we rejoice this day since it is ti celebrate the tongue we spoke since we were born

-celebrate this day as we have progressed this much and people have learnt our tongue to connect with us, feel the greatness of

 and its language and celebrate this German language day with us

-feel happy to sing, feel happy to recite poems and write stories, cross the boundaries of expressing your imagination in your words, in German, and celebrate this German language day with utmost pride!

-a language is one’s pride, as it’s the identity of his speaking, his nation, and so is our German language, and hence we all celebrate this German language day with all our heart and happiness.

German Language Day wish
German Language Day wish


“Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German”.- Mark Twain

“I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse”.-Charles V, holy Roman emperor

“The German language speaks Being, while all the others merely speak of Being”- Martin Heidegger.


To celebrate German Language Day you should start learning the language right now. Share any post on social media by using these quotes and wishes. Enrich your knowledge by learning the German language and culture by watching some documentaries.

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