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Ghana Farmer’s Day 2024: History, Activities

The first Friday in December, which falls on December 3 this year, is designated as Ghana Farmer’s Day to honor the nation’s farmers and fishermen. The socio-economic pillars of the nation receive at least 20% to 30% of their earnings from the agriculture sector. Many households receive revenue from the import and export industry, which also supports the growth of the economic sector. The sector, however, has suffered as a result of problems like climate change. Early in the 1980s, the agricultural sector encountered comparable difficulties, but it fought valiantly to develop, which is how Ghana Farmer’s Day came to be observed. It’s a day set aside to honor and reward the efforts of farmers and fishermen.

When is Ghana Farmer’s Day?

This year’s official Ghana Farmer’s Day will be on Friday, December 2, at Koforidua in the Eastern Region, to honor the nation’s farmers and fishers. The National Agricultural Fair and Grand Durbar and Awards Ceremony will once again commemorate this year’s event, which will also see Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, bestow national honors on the nation’s top farmers.


In 1985, Ghana’s first Farmer’s Day was established. The Provisional National Defense Council, which at the time represented the whole Ghanaian government, established it. The day arrived due to the farming sector growing by 30% the previous year. Early in the 1980s, the nation experienced severe droughts that had an influence on food harvests. Ghana experienced famine and malnutrition because the country’s food supply was heavily based on agriculture. The nation’s G.D.P. was also experiencing severe economic hardship. However, the drought finally ended in 1984, and the nation began to steadily recover, registering an amazing 30% rise in the sector. Additionally thriving at the time were the fisheries.

Every first Friday of December, Ghana Farmer’s Day is celebrated in order to honor the struggles and labor of all Ghanaian farmers and fishermen. The holiday is shifted to the first Friday in November in election years.

Osino, a town in Ghana’s Eastern region, hosted the first Ghana Farmer’s Day. Because Osino had been the most badly impacted by the droughts, it was selected as the ideal location. The celebrations that were held in other locales in the following years were likewise badly impacted. The award ceremony honoring the top farmers and fishermen is one of the day’s most noteworthy events among many others.

All of the registered competitors’ progress is tracked by judges throughout the year. Utilization of technology, animal husbandry, and ecological awareness are among the grading criteria. The winning farmer received a radio, Wellington boots, and machetes in the inaugural competition. The prizes increased in value over the years, and one of the most expensive prizes was a three-bedroom mansion.


Visit the celebrations

To participate in the celebrations, schedule your day around the occasion. Many farmers and fishermen display their products for the public in addition to the award ceremonies. Additionally, this is a wonderful chance to learn more about the customs and cultures of the nation.

Purchase products from local farms and fisheries.

Purchasing their products is one of the best ways to assist farmers and fishermen. In addition to receiving a product that is fresher, you will probably also pay less for it because shipping expenses will be lower.

Donate to the appropriate charities.

The farming and fishing industries require our assistance now more than ever. It’s time to band together with them to support their cause and way of life.

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