Glass Heart – How to Access Brayson and Good Ending

We’re glad you’re here to learn how to get the Brayson way and get Glass Heart’s happy ending. In order to romance Brayson, the sixth love interest introduced during Will’s route, you must complete Will’s path and get the negative outcome. Towards the conclusion of Will’s journey, Meira experiences a heart attack, and Will is involved in a deadly vehicle accident as he travels to the hospital.

Go to the Dream Selection Panel and choose “Learn to Love Again” to access Brayson’s love story. There are particular decisions you must make in order to have the happy ending, and it is advised that you make as many of these decisions as you can in order to increase your chances of success.
The fact that this path contains the fewest decision screens should remind you to choose carefully because, in comparison to the other routes, you have fewer opportunities to raise your affection points.

Chapter 1

begins with the inquiry “Hey…you okay? Meira?”. Choose “You’re truly okay?” after “I’m just missing Will.” prior to choosing “I’m pleased for you!” to continue.

Chapter 2

requires merely reading; no decisions must be taken.

In Chapter 3,

select “…”.

Chapter 4

offers the option Are you even aware of your own voice? Choose “I’ll work out with Brayson.”

In Chapter 5

“May I approach you?” should be chosen when addressing the bar owner. When prompted to give Meira instructions on how to handle Brayson, choose “Unbutton his shirt.”
We hope that this guide will make it easier for you to reach the Brayson way and get Glass Heart’s happy ending. If you have any feedback, please let us know if there are any mistakes or areas that need to be improved. We value your opinions and want to wish you a nice day.

Poor conclusions?

After you know how to acquire the nice endings, the terrible endings are far simpler to obtain than the good ones. You must select the incorrect options on the majority of choice screens for every single path in order to reveal the negative ending. Even if you make the wrong decision for more than half of them, you will still get the undesirable result for that particular route.

I’ve discovered that a decent method to accomplish this fast is to go to Extras>Chapters, then choose the fifth chapter of whichever route you’re looking for (after you’ve already finished it, of course), rather than playing through every single narrative from the start to achieve the awful ending. You will begin the tale at that moment with no points, and if you select the wrong option on the decision screen, you will rapidly reach the unfortunate conclusion.

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