Glass Heart – Jay’s Good Ending

The Glass Heart is Pleased to have you here. We really hope you will find the information in this post about the Glass Heart – Jay’s Happy Ending to be helpful. This detailed walkthrough will teach you how to complete the additional sixth love story in Glass Heart and guarantee that every romantic avenue leads to fulfillment.

How can I obtain Jay’s happy ending?

Before starting your love story, you will be asked what dream you hope to come true. You are first presented with five alternatives, each of which indicates a prospective romantic relationship (Instructions for the 6th will be given in his section, for spoiler reasons). While choosing a dream would prohibit you from going back, it is advisable to save immediately before the option for easy access so you don’t have to go through the starting process for each new path.

Regularly Existing:

The journey of Will starts here. Jay will agree to let you enroll Will in college in person at your campus after you have explained to him that you want to live as normally as you can for the 

upcoming month.

The starting point of Nathan’s journey. Millionaire Nathan Rilton will chose your name from a stack of applicants after you submit an application for him to help you achieve your goals since you failed to include a photo.

Tell Your Story:

Eli/beginning. LYFE’s adventures A stranger will appear out of the shadows as you sing the chorus of a song you wrote while in the garden and ask whether you have copyright protection for it. He offers an invitation to visit his hospital room the next day.

Experience Adventure:

The journey of Tamaki began. You get a panic attack when you comprehend how little of an influence you have had on the globe throughout your life. Tamaki, true to his promise, arrives just in time to lead you through it. He also promises to comply with any demands you might have. You ask to stay with him for a month while attempting to lead a regular life.

Jay is going to choose the Fall in Love path. You told Jay when you two first met three years ago that your lifelong goal was to find love, get married, and have children. The story then swiftly switches to Jay’s perspective. When he asks whether it was still your dream and walks into your room, you might be surprised that he still recalls. He offers you a place to stay with him for the month before your procedure.

Access to Brayson and Jay’s Happy Resolution

Brayson is the sixth prospective love interest Will encounters on his travels. To gain the ability to romance Will, follow Will’s course and obtain the disappointing result. (Spoilers to follow. Stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoilt):
Meira had a heart attack at the end of Will’s journey, and as he drives to the hospital, he is involved in a vehicle accident. Will perishes in the car crash in the worst-case scenario. This story is continued in Brayson’s romance, which may be accessed by choosing the Learn to Love 

Again option on the Dream Selection Panel.

The following choices need to be taken in order to guarantee Brayson’s happy ending. Picking as many as you can, even if you don’t have to, will raise the probability of a successful outcome. You’ll hear a chime if you select the appropriate response; else, nothing will happen. This path includes the fewest decision screens compared to the others, which means you will have less chances to earn attachment points.

What about the negative outcomes?

The terrible endings are far easier to attain than the happy ones if you know how to get the lovely endings. The bulk of decision windows for each path require you to choose incorrectly in order to disclose the bad outcome. Even if you choose the erroneous option for more than half of them, the specific route will still lead to the bad outcome.

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