Glass Heart – Nathan’s Good Ending

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Why can’t everything go smoothly?

If you want things to go smoothly and successfully, you must start your journey by making prior plans.
The state of your original life path will also become apparent if you give it some careful thought and maintain your composure. Consider everything about your future existence.

Which people’s dreams are which?

I’ll give you a heads-up right away! You should play the game for yourself before using this guide as it contains spoilers for every route in the game.
I’ll keep trying to avoid giving away too much information, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid it. I advise delaying reading the section about the dedicated sixth love interest until you’re ready to read it because there are major spoilers for how that route ends.
You will be asked what aspirations you want to realize first and foremost, that is, before beginning your love journey. You notice that each of the five options you are given at the beginning has a corresponding love interest.

Beginning of Nathan’s journey:

To be the person who also fills out the application that dream millionaire Nathan Rilton does, you must do so. Because you submitted your photo after the deadline, he will choose your name from a stack.
Falling in love: The key to success is to fall in love. When you two first met three years ago, and you confided to Jay that your lifetime desire was to fall in love and get married, which would ultimately lead to a lovely family and the rest of your life…, it instantly moved to Jay’s point of view.
He came to you in your room and inquired as to whether it was still fixed as your dream that he still recalls after you told him this earlier. Already, he had invited

What is a “glass heart”?

Overly delicate, easily broken, and easily offended by others are characteristics of glass hearts. Or, to put it another way, it’s a heart (or, by extension, a person) in a very delicate amorous condition, which easily devolves into a shattered heart.

Nathan for a Happy Ending

These options are sufficient to provide a satisfying conclusion for Nathan. While you are not required to select all of these, it is advised that you take every opportunity to improve your last opportunity to finish strongly.
If you are able to choose the right response from it, you will be able to hear a base; but, if you have already chosen the incorrect response, you will not be able to hear another base.

Chapter 1:

 “I understand that this may seem difficult, but I assure you that it’s not as horrible as it appears. Let me show you where to sign.
Read the agreement.
Do you feel okay, Miss Lovingston?
I’m now excited!

Chapter 2:

I’m glad you like it. As you can see, your luggage has already arrived. I also brought some summer attire.
You are not obligated to.
To be really honest, I love watching movies.”
Such a beautiful, memorable sequence.”
You seem quite pleased right now.

Chapter 3:

I very instantly realized how much I missed his touch.
I’m talking about Nathan, so don’t play along, my darling.
He won’t desire me.

Chapter 4:

“Are you alright? Feeling down? Do you have a sickness?
What piques your interest?
I don’t generally…

Chapter No 5:

Would it bother you if I left you alone for a little while? Consider his adoration to be nothing more than a passing whim. He is a ruthless businessman who comes from a totally different world than you.

Nathan, not so!


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