Glass Heart : Will’s Good Ending

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Everyone is anxious to learn about this, including you. You should attentively read and understand it if you want to learn about Will’s Happy Ending and Glass Heart. It’s a poignant story for Will, who fears losing Skyler, and it gives him a new perspective on life.

What is an example of a heart of glass?

Having a very fragile or sensitive emotional condition that makes one vulnerable to influence. I’m not sure how Tamaki will cope with Tom’s rejection of her because she has a heart of glass.
This excellent guide explains how to finish each romance route in Glass Heart and how to get to the sixth and final bonus love tale. There are spoilers ahead.

Happy ending for Tamaki

For the tamaki to have a beautiful finish, the decisions listed below must be taken. Selecting all of them is optional. But, it is advised that you put as much emphasis as you can on the wonderful potential of a lovely conclusion.
A chime will sound if you choose the right response, but nothing will happen if you choose the incorrect one.

Chapter No. 1

Who am I therefore to stand in your way?
Lily Little said, “Since you’re going to see me, you may as well come closer so you can see what I’m doing firsthand.” I’ll be safe.
I was unwilling to look!

Chapter No. 2

Keep the vigil while I’m gone.
You got it, boss!
If you fall or if your heart is under too much stress, it might be a dangerous situation.
I’m aware of my abilities.

Chapter No. 3

What ought I to do? What if I need Tamaki’s assistance and he is?
“But if that was the case, why did you inquire whether Mr. Kashimo was okay?” you should ask after their names.
I was expecting him to take the responsibility.

Chapter No. 4

Do I want to accept tamaki as true?
Sure, I’ll buy it.
Help me? I believe you are combining your facts.
Scream his name.

Chapter No. 5

Why do you prefer to torture me over him? Why do you feel awful about tormenting him, I must assume?
You are special.
“Oh, yes?”
Give him a hug.
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The finest ending to a moment in life, a game, a tale, a movie, or a circumstance is when everything comes together at last.

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