30+ Best Honored to be Godparents Quotes

Although it might not seem like much, having the role of a godparent comes with more duties than you might anticipate. It demonstrates how much the parents appreciate you as a friend and significant member of their lives while still requiring a certain amount of trust.

They won’t merely ask anyone to serve as Godparents for their child. So, yes, it is a privilege to be a godparent.
When questioned, though, you might want to convey your appreciation and honestly state how honoured you are to serve as the child’s godparents. Given how significant this is, it only seems appropriate to express your pride and happiness at being picked. Not to mention, express gratitude for their choice.

Honored to be Godparents Quotes

The honour of being chosen as godparents is something we cannot adequately express. We are overjoyed! Use these honoured to be Godparents to your advantage.

Being selected as godparents makes us feel fortunate. I’m grateful for this honour.

I’m overjoyed to have the privilege of serving as one of your baby’s godparents. For me, today is a really special day.

As your godparents, we promise to always uphold our end of the bargain. We will treat it carefully and with the utmost respect.

It is a true honour to be asked to serve as godparents. We’ll make sure ___ is led as effectively as we can.

We are honoured beyond measure to be in charge of your child’s spiritual upbringing. We appreciate being chosen as his or her godparents.

We feel privileged and happy to serve as your child’s godparents. We won’t disappoint you.

It is an absolute privilege for you to entrust us with the spiritual upbringing and protection of your kid. We promise to be there for you at every turn.

What a surprise and astonishment. I was completely unaware that you would ask me to be a godparent. I’m moved and thrilled to be a godparent to ______, and I’m so happy to accept this distinction. Thank you; I have no words to express how grateful I am to have this opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. It’s such a delight to be a godparent, and I can’t wait to begin.

We are touched that you choose to consider us to be a Godparent. Thank you for the trust you’ve shown me, I promise it will be repaid

Being a godparent is such an honour and a pleasure. I won’t take this obligation lightly.

If I denied crying when you asked me to be a godparent, I’d be lying. Being given consideration for such a position is a true blessing. Sincere gratitude

I can only say, “What an honour.” I’ll serve as your godparent to the highest standard possible.

Are you certain you want ME to be your godparent? I’m joking! Incredibly honoured

To invite me to be a godparent is such a kind gesture. It would be an honour, and I look forward to supporting ___ in any way I can. I’ll do all in my power to be the best godparent I can be for your child.

Proud to be your Godmother Quotes

These quotes discuss being a proud godparent and the emotions it evokes. Both of you are pleased to have accepted the position and pleased with the development of your godchild.

We are incredibly grateful for the chance to serve as your son’s godparents. We hope he will gain from our advice and years of experience.

If only you could have seen the joy on our faces when you asked us to serve as godparents! The word “proud” is inadequate. We are overjoyed and want to assist whenever and in any way we can. Being godparents makes me feel extremely proud. I’ve never felt such bliss.

Being a godparent may not mean much to some people. But I’m honoured to have the chance to support and mentor. I appreciate the honour,

Being a godparent is the best. It is a true honour for me to have the opportunity to make such a good impact on someone’s childhood.

My adorable godchild, You have developed into an incredible young woman, and I couldn’t be more proud of you and who you’ve become. I’m very happy to have been your godparent and see how much you’ve changed.

As your godmother, I can’t help but be proud of the man you’ve grown into. You certainly are a credit to your parents, and your future is bright.

Even though you still have a bright future ahead of you, I’m extremely pleased with everything you’ve accomplished thus far. From your adoring Godmother/Godfather, keep going

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