How to Delete a Mercari AccountStep by Step in 2024

Simply told, Mercari is an online marketplace for purchasing. Mercari is an online marketplace where you may bid farewell to items you no longer need and welcome to fascinating new discoveries.
Since its founding in 2013, the Mercari shopping platform has developed into one of the most well-known e-commerce buying and selling platforms in the US, Japan, and other nations worldwide. There is still an opportunity for improvement because Mercari is continually developing.
Mercari and OfferUp are extremely similar websites that let users purchase and sell a variety of home things online, both new and secondhand. Due to the lower price, some people claim it’s far better than eBay.

How to Delete a Mercari AccountStep by StepĀ 

It’s simple to remove a Mercari account as long as you have your login information. Before they can properly deactivate your account, you must also have all of your outstanding orders processed, all of your deposits removed from your account, and all of the goods on your list removed.
Additionally, make sure there is no money in your Mercari account and ask for a direct payment of any outstanding sum.

Simply adhere to the instructions listed below to remove your Mercari account.
1. On your mobile device, you have the option of opening your Mercari account using the mobile app or logging in via the online browser.
2. From your Mercari account home page, select My Page.
3. Next, press Delete Account after selecting Settings from the drop-down menu.
4. Lastly, complete the Delete Account form and press the Submit button. The Mercari support staff will examine your completed form and remove your account within 48 hours of receiving it.

To remove your Mercari account on your Android or iPhone, follow the instructions above.

How to Remove Mercari from your Computer

If you’d prefer not to download the Mercari app on your smartphone, you can ask for your account to be canceled by sending an email to the Mercari customer service team. However, you can only deactivate your Mercari account using the Mercari app.

How to Delete Your Mercari Account Via Email

You may remove your Mercari account even if you don’t have the Mercari app loaded by emailing Mercari customer care. Simply open your email account and select “new email” to get started.
2. You might use Request to Delete My Account as the email topic.
3. Write a brief email in which you mention your name, username, and email address you used to register for Mercari.
4. After finishing your email, send it to Within 48 hours of sending the email, you will receive a response informing you that your account has been terminated.

Mercari Customer Service Phone Number and Email

The Mercari customer service staff may be reached at (888)325-2168. You can also send them an email at Additionally, there is a support section that offers topic-specific responses to frequently asked issues.

How can my Mercari account be reactivated?

All you have to do is sign into Mercari with your former username/email and password to reinstate your deleted account. They’ll revive your previous account.




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