How to Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone and Android

You need to ascertain your true purpose first. It matters a lot if you actually want to permanently erase your Zoosk account or if you only need to disable it for a while. Because all of your contacts, subscriptions, and matches will be erased simultaneously if you terminate your Zoosk account. And they are nowhere to be found. Deactivating your Zoosk account, however, will be a preferable option if you simply want to get rid of Zoosk temporarily or if you are unsure.

Whatever your motivation, the step-by-step instructions for deleting your Zoosk account on Android, iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac are provided below. As a result, you may your  and successfully delete your Zoosk account from your computer or mobile device. You can thus totally and permanently remove all information related to your Zoosk profile from the service.

Millions of people visit the popular online dating site Zoosk each month. The Zoosk app, one of the industry leaders in mobile dating, is available in 80 different countries and 25 different languages. Every single person may find their ideal partner and relationship thanks to the personalization of the dating process.

Your Facebook account and other email accounts will be connected after you register as a “Zoosker.” You may afterward explore singles online using its basic search and sophisticated search options. As a result, you are free to search for matches on your own according to your preferences. You may narrow down the results using filters for things like geography, age, and religion, among other things. So, Zoosk provides you with a wide range of options at an excessive expense. Of course, in order to locate your ideal mate, you must pay monthly membership costs.

Part 2: How to Delete a Zoosk Account
So, if you are a subscriber and wish to remove your Zoosk account from your desktop or mobile app, you must first cancel your membership. If not, you can easily cancel or delete your Zoosk account.

How to Stop a Renewed Zoosk Membership on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Find the phone’s settings
    Launch the “Settings” app on your phone. Choose “iTunes & App Store” from the options by scrolling down. You will subsequently need to enter your Touch ID and Apple ID.
    Step 2: Cancel your Zoosk membership
    On the Account Settings tab, look for and choose “Subscriptions.” Next, select Zoosk membership. To stop your Zoosk subscription from renewing automatically, select “Cancel Subscription” and then click “Confirm.” You could, however, be eligible for a Zoosk cancellation refund.
    You may cancel your membership via a similar process on your PC or Android device. Then it’s time to permanently erase your Zoosk account from your computer or tablet.

How to Uninstall Zoosk from a PC

Step 1: Go to your account settings on Zoosk.
Use your browser to look up and launch Log in to your Zoosk account and choose the Zoosk name that will be shown in the upper right corner. Choose “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu and then click.
Step 2: Remove your computer’s Zoosk account
Next to “Account Status,” select “Edit.” To confirm your change, choose “Deactivate” and “Deactivate Zoosk Account.” Moreover, you have to erase Zoosk from your Facebook profile.
You may also select “Pause Account” to temporarily suspend your Zoosk account. The Zoosk membership is still active as a result.

Step 1: Visit the Zoosk main menu on your Android device to delete your Zoosk account.
Open the Zoosk app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Use the registered email address and password to access your Zoosk account. then choose “Menu” to open the main menu.
Step 2: Uninstall Zoosk from your Android phone.
To access your Zoosk account page, choose “Settings” and then “Account.” The “Edit” option is available next to “Account Status.” After that, hit “Deactivate” to remove your Android Zoosk account.
Throughout the procedure, you will be asked why you wish to deactivate or delete your account.

Moreover, you can remove all Zoosk activities from your Facebook timeline manually as well.

Part 3: How Do I Time to clear from Zoosk for iTunes?
If you already subscribed to Zoosk through iTunes, you must first cancel your membership. Simply take the actions outlined above. You may quickly remove your Zoosk account on iTunes by following the instructions shown below.

Step 1 is to delete your Zoosk account and let the remaining days pass.
To cancel your Zoosk membership, go to the iTunes App Subscription page. Wait until your remaining Zoosk subscription days have passed after canceling your membership. That is the most crucial command you must follow. To check the precise expiration date, go to your Zoosk account settings page.
Step 2: Permanently delete your Zoosk account

To deactivate and remove your account on the online dating service Zoosk, sign in. To switch your account’s status from active to deactivated, go to the Zoosk account settings page.
Also, you may verify by opening the Zoosk contact page and selecting “Email Zoosk Customer Care.” Moreover, you may phone Zoosk to find out if your account has been permanently removed or not.



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