How To Get Confetti in Blox Fruits?

You’re in luck if you’re trying to figure out how to acquire confetti in Blox Fruits. A variety of entertaining activities are available during the current Roblox celebration of the game’s remarkable ten billion visits and one million members, like gathering Blox Fruits confetti and getting free things from the party shop.
We have some useful advice to impart on how to obtain confetti in Blox Fruits so that you can take full advantage of this chance. You may gather as much confetti as you can while the event is still going on by using these suggestions.

How Do I Get Confetti in Blox Fruits?

With 10 billion visits, Blox Fruits has reached a significant milestone, and the creators are celebrating by adding a fun in-game event. A new currency called confetti that can be used to buy pricey boosts and fruits from the party store is available to players during this event.
Just engage with Characters wearing party hats distributed across the game environment to gather this cash. They’ll be delighted to provide it to you. There are other chests that reward you with confetti.

Remember that the game has an hourly confetti cap of 100, so after you’ve hit it, take a break and wait for the timer to reset before moving on to the next step in your hunt. Remember, the trick to earning those highly desired products is to collect as much confetti as you can.
Watch this video to get a visual portrayal of receiving confetti:

What to Do with It at Party Stores

Go to any Party Store situated in each Sea to utilize the confetti money. The store at the Castle on the Sea is located in the Third Sea. You may go to Middletown to get the First Sea, and the store is next to a fountain. The Party Store is located in a yellow structure in the Third Sea named The Café.
You may trade your confetti for desirable presents like Cash, Fruits, or Experience Boosts at these stores. Remember that these stores refresh each hour, so go there often to get the most use out of your confetti.

Confetti-Related Items

  • Race Rerolls: 50 Confetti
  • Party Hat: 750 Confetti
  • Exp. Boosts: (15 Minutes for 25 Confetti, or 30 Minutes for 50 Confetti)
  • Aquamarine Aura color: 1000 Confetti

Table of Fruits

Fruit Confetti amount
Leopard 1,100 Confetti
Dragon 900 Confetti
Soul 850 Confetti
Dough 850 Confetti
Control 800 Confetti
Venom 780 Confetti
Shadow 725 Confetti
Human: Buddha 700 Confetti
Gravity 660 Confetti
Paw 650 Confetti
Rumble 620 Confetti
Bird: Phoenix 600 Confetti
String 575 Confetti
Quake 525 Confetti
Door 510 Confetti
Magma 490 Confetti
Barrier 475 Confetti
Rubber 460 Confetti
Light 400 Confetti
Love 350 Confetti
Diamond 300 Confetti
Revive 295 Confetti
Dark 290 Confetti
Sand 275 Confetti
Bird: Falcon 225 Confetti
Ice 250 Confetti
Flame 200 Confetti
Spike 190 Confetti
Smoke 155 Confetti
Bomb 125 Confetti
Spring 110 Confetti
Chop 90 Confetti
Spin 75 Confetti
Kilo 60 Confetti

That concludes the information on obtaining and utilizing confetti in Blox Fruits. You will have lots of opportunities to gather this priceless cash and receive some fantastic goodies for as long as the event is ongoing. What are you still holding out for? Put on your party hat and start looking.

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