How To Get Potato and an Obby Glove in Slap Battles on Roblox

Are you interested in learning how to obtain Potato and Obby Glove in Roblox? Roblox is a state-of-the-art platform for creating and playing video games. Among the various games offered, you could discover fighting games. One of the most enjoyable games in this genre is Slap Battles.
Swat other players to win new Gloves throughout the game that have special effects. There are times when the criteria for this are really difficult. Continue reading to find out how to get the Potato Glove in Roblox Slap Battles.

Potato and the Obby Glove

Roblox features a large universe and a variety of game modes. Because the goal of Tencelll’s Slap Battles is to slap other players into space, it basically turns Roblox into a combat game.
Players choose a glove with a specific skill before the beginning of each game. Some gloves will have passive powers while others will have active ones that need players to use timing to fully exploit them.

As you smash more opponents, you’ll start to unlock more gloves, even though every participant in a Slap Battle starts with the same one. One of the gloves that players must complete additional activities to acquire is the potato glove.

How do I get a potato glove?

The Potato Glove, sometimes known as the Hot Potato Glove, may be acquired by using the Reverse Glove on Bubble. To get the Reverse Glove, you must complete the game with 10 kills using the Reaper and the Heartbringer of Death Badge. Moreover, you must complete 250 kills with Killstreak, one of the hardest badges to earn in the game.

You must use the Reverse Glove on Bubble in order to earn the Potato Glove, and doing so will provide you with a badge at the bottom right of your screen. After receiving the Potato Glove, a person has 15 seconds to deliver it to someone else. In the event that they don’t, they pass away and gift you the Cult Glove, which you must utilize in order to get the Leash Glove.

How Do I Get the Tycoon and Obby Glove?

To get the Obby Glove, you must use Mega Rock, a glove that enlarges you after each kill. To obtain the Obby Glove, you must utilize Mega Rock to kill 10 different targets in the same area. To play with things like Truss, Huge Plank, Rotating Kill Bricks, or Kill Bricks, however, you cannot utilize it.

Certain items, including Kill Bricks, Spinning Kill Bricks, Huge Plank, and Truss, may be played with the Obby Glove. Hop to change the component you’ve put in place. Several gamers choose the Rotating Death Brick because it may be used to kill opponents by placing it in front of them.
You may get the Tycoon Glove by placing high on the scoreboard. Obtaining it is typically not too tough, depending on the toxicity of the server. You must kill off rival gamers while growing your virtual tycoon.

In conclusion, getting these unusual gloves requires a lot of time and effort, but it is rewarding. With this method, you may obtain these gloves and play Roblox with a unique and exceptional advantage. What else are you waiting for? Get started right away to get the rare gloves for the game!


You need to go to the Default Hand Arena to equip the glove. Look around the corners of the platform where you can see below it to find the Potato Glove position. If you have already unlocked the “Sorry to Burst Your Bubble” badge before this level, you can leap over to the glove and equip it.

You can leap to stop the current session after you’ve put on the glove and used it in battle. The Potato Glove’s Hot Potato feature comes on when you smack someone. After 30 seconds, the Hot Potato that is given to a player who has been slapped explodes, eliminating them and knocking back nearby players in the process.

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