How to Use Chat GPT in Italy? A Complete Guideline

Users are asking for ways to utilize Chat Bots in Italy after the chatbot was blocked for users in that country. Due to privacy concerns, the Italian Garante, or data protection body, has blocked ChatGPT in Italy. Up until this time, ChatGPT was accessible to all internet users. On March 31, however, OpenAI geo-blocked ChatGPT in Italy, making it impossible for Italians to utilize the program.
Italy can no longer utilize ChatGPT as a result of this restriction. Nevertheless, with a few workarounds, ChatGPT is still useable in Italy. Read this post to understand how to use ChatGPT in Italy if you’re a fan of ChatGPT in that nation and are seeking a technique to access the program after it was blocked.

Why is ChatGPT Banned in Italy now?

The handling of Italians’ data by ChatGPT has received criticism from Italy’s data protection authorities. The authority is also challenging the reliability of the data given by ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots.

According to the authorities, these chatbots may develop incorrect information about individual persons, a tendency termed as “hallucinating” by AI creators. It is unclear if OpenAI has a system in place for users to change this information, which is an issue given that the GDPR provides people the right to alter any wrong information about them.
The data protection authorities have also been interested in the security of young people using technology. By pointing out that there is no mechanism in place to validate a user’s age and ban unlawful access, they have raised a red signal for kid safety.

Great Way to Use ChatGPT in Italy

Using VPN

The simplest approach to accessing any geo-restricted program internationally is definitely employing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) (VPN) (VPN). Similarly to that, you may use a VPN service to access ChatGPT in Italy. VPN services mask your IP addresses, enabling you to employ geo-restricted apps on your devices and browse the internet anonymously.
Every VPN provider, including NordVPN, Express VPN, Proton VPN, Tunnel Bear, and Turbo VPN, is available for subscription. An alternative is to use a free VPN service to access ChatGPT in Italy.

Installing Tor Browser

Using the Tor web browser is an extra technique for accessing ChatGPT in Italy. By bouncing their internet connection, this browser lets users browse the internet anonymously. Following installation, you may use the free Tor browser on your PC or mobile device.
Additionally, the Tor browser blocks plugins that attempt to obtain your IP address. Your internet activities will stay hidden due to this. Use this browser to access ChatGPT after downloading it.


In Italy, utilizing ChatGPT is done through SnapChat. With the development of its chatbot My AI, powered by AI, SnapChat has brought ChatGPT capability to its platform. This chatbot incorporates Snapchat features from ChatGPT. As a result, ChatGPT is utilized when you utilize this platform to connect with your companions.
To effortlessly access ChatGPT in Italy, use SnapChat’s My AI. The only issue is that My AI is not accessible to free users, hence you must have a Snapchat Plus subscription.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers, which act as a middleman between the user’s device and the internet connection, enable users to access websites that are geo-restricted in their location. A proxy server is a machine that has an IP address. The IP address of your proxy server will be disclosed while yours is kept secret when you use a proxy server to access the internet.
To put it another way, the ChatGPT server will read the IP address of the proxy server if you use it with ChatGPT. This IP address won’t indicate where you are right now. As a result, you may simply use ChatGPT in Italy using this IP address.


According to the Italian data protection authorities, ChatGPT unlawfully acquired and kept user data without the users’ consent. The authorities assert that ChatGPT does not have any measures in place to stop children from accessing the website. There is no process in place to confirm age. Moreover, it provides false information.

Simply said, ChatGPT is not allowed in Italy since according to the authorities, the web site’s privacy policies are broken. Nonetheless, the authorities are looking into the allegations made about ChatGPT. The ultimate choice over whether to block the app permanently has not yet been made, though.

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