How to Use ChatGPT with Microsoft Excel

As a relatively new idea, ChatGPT lacks any extensions or add-ons. Many still want to incorporate this into their daily life, therefore utilizing or integrating ChatGPT with Microsoft Excel can help with that.
This article is ideal for you if you frequently use Microsoft Excel and want ChatGPT’s assistance with your job as well. Let’s get started with the post so you can learn step-by-step how to use ChatGPT with Microsoft Excel.

How does ChatGPT connect with Microsoft Excel?

You may simplify your job 10 times over by using ChatGPT with Microsoft Excel in a variety of ways. Here, we’ll explain how to go about doing that.
Here, we’ll go through the simplest method for doing this. But, keep in mind that there are other approaches to achieving this, some of which are a bit more challenging and call for some programming knowledge. These are the steps to creating a formula in Excel, but not using this way.

Step 1: Send the standard process

It is necessary to open the pertinent papers first. Open the spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets first, then click this link to register for a ChatGPT account. Make sure the sheet is open and contains all the necessary dates, columns, and information to generate the formula.

Step 2: Access the AI conversation.

It’s time to generate the formula now that you have that information. You may achieve this by sampling and asking the AI to produce a formula on your behalf. If you provide clear instructions, ChatGPT is capable of generating formulae. Provide all pertinent information in the query. Provide the column, the raw data, and any other details you may have. For instance, “Create an Excel formula to compute the 5% sales tax on the amount in column F.”
The right formula for this question will be provided to you in ChatGPT’s answer.

Step 3: Copy and paste the equation.

The crucial stage has been completed; the result will now be filled in by copying the created formula and pasting it into the appropriate Excel cell. You may personally verify whether the formula is valid, though. Once you’ve done that, double check to see that the formula is adjusted for each cell to get proper results for each value.
For various needs, you can ask ChatGPT to develop formulae. Use the formula “10% rate instead of 5%” as an example, replacing only the 5% number prior to the question.

Step 4: The table’s brings the total

You may now request that the ChatGPT AI develop a formula for you so that you can total or add the results. You may finish the table in this manner. Asking the AI to provide the formula for the combined cost of columns X, Y, and Z can help you do this.
You should now have a formula that you can re-enter in the Excel cell to produce the desired outcome. Of course, it is crucial to verify the answer a second time to be sure it is accurate. And that completes the extremely straightforward process of creating formulae for your Excel spreadsheet using ChatGPT.


With ChatGPT’s assistance, there are a lot more things you can do with the Excel spreadsheet. The hardest part is creating formulae, but you now know how to do it quickly and easily.
After reading this post, I hope you discovered another another method to use ChatGPT in your regular activities. It’s critical to adapt to this ever-evolving trend since this new AI technology is really helpful and its applications are expanding daily!

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