Integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft Word Using Ghostwriter 2024

Utilizing ChatGPT, you can do many amazing things, including composing music, debugging code, planning an itinerary, and more. Also, it can compose essays on whatever subject you give it. Also, because Microsoft is a significant investor in OpenAI, it has included the AI chatbot ChatGPT in its Bing search engine. Apps for Microsoft Office may come next. Nevertheless, using ChatGPT and its amazing features in Office programs like Microsoft Word doesn’t require you to wait for Microsoft to release them. Microsoft Word already has a third-party add-in made by a programmer named Patrick Husting that incorporates ChatGPT. Let’s get started learning how to utilize ChatGPT with Microsoft Word right now.

This article has described the capabilities of ChatGPT in Microsoft Word as well as the Ghostwriter service. Having stated that, let’s begin:

What is the MS Word Ghostwriter Add-in?

By using the Office Add-in Ghostwriter, you may use ChatGPT directly in Microsoft Word. To query ChatGPT and enter results into Microsoft Word, it needs the OpenAI API key. To utilize the service, though, you must subscribe to its premium plan; it is not a free add-on.
The Basic version of the premium plans has a response length of two paragraphs and costs $10. But, you may choose the response length to be long or exceptionally long if you choose the Pro edition, which costs $25. Also, it supports every OpenAI text generation model, including the Ada, Babbage, Curie, and DaVinci models. You may get the Ghostwriter add-in from this website.

Online ChatGPT Integration with Microsoft Office

The nicest feature of this ChatGPT integration is that it also functions with Microsoft Word on the web. The Ghostwriter add-in may be added easily, and it will immediately begin to work. This is the procedure.

1. To begin, visit and sign in using your Microsoft account. Open a brand-new Word document next.

2. Choose “More Add-ins” after clicking “Add-ins” in the top-right corner.

3. From here, select “Shop” and look up “Ghostwriter.” Next, click “Add” in the search results next to the add-name. in’s

4. A window on the right side of Microsoft Word will now display Ghostwriter incorporated into it.

5. Type the email address that you used to buy the Ghostwriter add-in here. Create a free personal account on this website after that, and then input the OpenAI API key in the “product key” area. Click “Validate Key” to finish.

6. When it has been activated, type your question or topic and select “Ask Me.” The response will then be automatically added by ChatGPT to your Word document.

7. You can also select the reaction time, the OpenAI text generation model, and other options by clicking on “OpenAI Configuration Options.” Basically, using the Configuration options, you may ask ChatGPT to create lengthy dissertations for you in a Microsoft Word document.

Use ChatGPT with Microsoft Word for desktop

You may utilize ChatGPT on Microsoft Word’s desktop edition in addition to the web version. All that is necessary is to install the add-in, which we did above. Nevertheless, keep in mind that installing an add-in in this location requires a Microsoft 365 subscription. Below are the procedures to follow after that.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word on your desktop and start a new document. Go to “Insert” now and select “Get Add-ins.”
  2. After that, select “Store” and look up “Ghostwriter.” Now choose “Add.”
  3. When you’ve added it, you’ll be prompted for the email address you used to acquire Ghostwriter’s product key. The next step is to create a personal account and obtain a free OpenAI API key from the URL provided. The next step is to activate Ghostwriter by pasting the API key into the “product key” column.
  4.  You may now simply create essays, obtain answers to questions about your tasks, and more using ChatGPT in Microsoft Word.

Use ChatGPT in Word immediately.

So that is how the Ghostwriter add-in for Microsoft Word and ChatGPT works. For the time being, you will need to rely on third-party add-ins as Microsoft works to officially integrate ChatGPT bots into its Office applications. That’s all from us, I guess. So, utilize Microsoft Word more efficiently and conveniently.


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