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International Ninja Day 2024: History, Activities

Some of the abilities that come naturally to ninjas include sabotage, guerilla warfare, espionage, assassination, infiltration, and assassination. Ninjas emerge from the shadows of the night like a hawk on stolen wings, dressed entirely in their distinctive black clothing. They strike their target, then vanish without a trace.

According to legend, ninjas are the masters of Kuji-Kiri, an ancient magical art that gave them the ability to combine their inherent ability to move like ghosts with supernatural abilities. The purpose of International Ninja Day is to remember and celebrate these legendary Chinese and Japanese warriors.
Prepare to celebrate and celebrate International Ninja Day, then!

When is International Ninja Day?

Every year on December 5, there is a celebration known as International Ninja Day. Ninjas are a type of clandestine agent well-known for their guerrilla warfare, sabotage, assassination, and espionage. It’s a day for Ninjas and spies.

International Ninja Day History

One must first comprehend the history of the ninja in order to fully comprehend the history of International Ninja Day. The first ninja were fighters in Japan’s Iga Province during the Sengoku era.

These warriors weren’t given access to the right armor, weaponry, or training to utilize them because they were developed from the common folk of the countryside. Other than their own skills and abilities, they didn’t have much to fall back on. And a few important weapons that could fit inside a big sleeve or a belt.

Perhaps because agricultural tools like the sickle and kunai were also weapons that concealed themselves, thus many of the ninja’s weapons have agricultural roots. This enables them to succeed.

The “traditional” black attire of the ninja was actually inspired by the way they were portrayed on stage. They were unnoticed by the ruling elite since they were the commoners in their province. They were only the common citizens of their country, making them essentially invisible. They could not be recognized by their attire or weaponry, banner or nationality.

This concept was illustrated in the theater by the stagehands who played the role of the ninjas; they were dressed in all-black attire that rendered them undetectable against the stage’s dark backdrop. Additionally, individuals who frequently attended the theater were used to seeing these stagehands there, so their abrupt inclusion in the performance was unexpected.

International Ninja Day Activities

Ninja masters have the option of treating today seriously or making it humorous. In either case, these suggestions for celebrating International Ninja Day can be a lot of fun:

View a ninja movie

The use of ninjas in movies has nearly created a whole genre. The number of ninja movies accessible now is in the thousands, and some of them may be ranked among the best films of their genre!

Invite a young ninja.

Gather your friends or family to watch some of the films on your must-see list while enjoying a home-cooked traditional Japanese or Chinese meal to kick off the celebration of International Ninja Day. Or at the absolute least, place an Asian takeout order.

Play Some Ninja-Themed Music

Try creating a short playlist to pass the time whether you’re getting together with friends as previously mentioned or simply waiting in the shadows for something fantastic to happen.

Put on your ninja gear

Go ahead and dress as a ninja to celebrate the day and add to the mayhem of ninja history. Consider purchasing a ninja costume in October during the Halloween specials, or simply visit a year-round costume store.

Wear that traditional outfit and hit the streets, wherever it comes from, but make sure you flip it on its head.

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