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International Podcast Day 2024: Date, Theme, Activities, Celebrate with Fans

International Podcast Day has been designated September 30th to promote the rapid development of podcasting media and related technologies. In the whole world, people listen to their podcasts to learn the news update, technology, entertainment, or information. Just like the latest fashion of carnival watching TV series, podcasts also allow us to listen frequently and continuously. Although the themes of podcasts are different, the format is also different.

What is Podcast?

Podcasts are digital recordings of broadcast-style programs. Listeners download and listen, play directly from the website, or access through apps or digital media players. Many podcasts also include videos. These on-demand audio files are also available for subscription to create a usable podcast library for listeners.

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How to celebrate International Podcast Day

International Podcasting Day is your opportunity to enter the vast world of podcasts and understand what they offer. Dig and find your favorite genre from movies, radio, and TV, and you will find content that suits your interests in the podcast community. There is no limit, if you find that you like what you are listening to and find creative mistakes, then you can even jump into the big world of podcasts and start your own podcast! Who knows, you might become the next big name on the Internet!

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International Podcast Day image
International Podcast Day image

International Podcast Day Activities

1. Label away!

First, you just need to share content through social media platforms and use #InternationalPodcastDay in your posts to celebrate the important day of podcasting.

2. Follow hashtags on International Podcast Day

If you plan to use #InternationalPodcastDay to share content, please make sure you also follow the hashtags so that you don’t miss all the great content shared by other podcast fans during the preparation of the big event just like that day.

3. Share your favorites

There is an easy way to observe podcasts and to share your favorite podcasts with people in your circle.

4. Social media

Another great way to participate in International Podcast Day is to share your favorite shows or episodes with the world, or at least share with your social media followers. One of our favorite methods is to share audiograms through our social media platforms.

5. Give stars

Podcast hosts invest a lot of time and energy to produce shows that their audience will like. International Podcasting Day is a great opportunity to return a little love to them. Take a moment to rate your favorite podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or other platforms such as Podchaser on September 30th.

6. Write comments

Comments are an excellent way to let your favorite podcasters know how much you like their show and simply tell them “thank you” for all the hard work they put into the podcast.

7. Give some support

You can also consider using International Podcast Day to provide financial support for your favorite shows.

8. Explore new shows

Use this special occasion to discover new shows. Use this day to explore all kinds of podcasts and enjoy the fun of exploring unknown areas!

9. “Participate in” activities

For this most auspicious moment, many events have been held all over the world. Check the official website and social media platform to see all the different events.

10. Spread the love

On International Podcast Day, spread the love by telling people you know how awesome they are, and help them download the first one and make them hooked!

11. Organize live events

You can consider hosting a live virtual event to commemorate this special day! Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have features that allow you to share content in real-time.

12. Learn new things in International Podcast Day

As a podcast, there are always new things to learn and on International Podcast Day you can take a course, learn a new skill, or acquire some new knowledge to help improve your podcast. In addition to all the excellent speakers officially shared that day, there are countless courses for you to register on platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy.


International Podcast Day is a great opportunity to introduce the wonderful world of podcasting to the next generation! There are some incredible podcasts available for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy.

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