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Lady Luck Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

One such person who has established a name for herself in the gaming and online entertainment industries is Lady Luck HQ.  She has spent the most of her life creating videos for YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok, where she frequently shares her experiences with live betting with her audience. Popular American YouTuber and Twitch streamer Lady Luck HQ makes the majority of her money through brand endorsements and YouTube advertising. Discover more about Lady Luck in this article including her lifestyle, family, relationship etc.

Lady Luck Wiki

Full Name Francine Marrick
Known as Lady Luck Slots
Birth Year 1989
Age 33 years old
Country of origin Englewood, Colorado, USA
Profession Twitch slot streamer, YouTuber
Live in Atlanta, Georgia
Marital status Married
Husband Miran Maric
Net Worth $1 Million

Starting of Lady Luck

Francine Maric, better known as Lady Luck, was born in Englewood, Colorado. She hasn’t provided a lot of details about her early life, however it’s believed she was born in or around 1989. She would be about 33 years old at this point.

Francine completed her high school education in Englewood. The young woman studied at Oakland University in Michigan and received her degree there in 2007. She afterwards worked in the vehicle sales sector.

She used to work for Atlanta-based virtual reality vehicle reseller Gubagoo before dedicating herself to filming YouTube videos full-time. She was hired as the marketing sales director but left in April 2021 to devote all of her time to her love.


YouTube Career

Early in 2018, Lady Luck HQ created a YouTube account, which has since received over 159 million views. The account is managed by Francine and her longtime partner Miran. The channel’s spokesperson is Francine, whereas Miran primarily shoots and edits video.

The duo quickly established themselves as one of the top casino vlogging stars thanks to their enthusiasm and charm. The fact that Francine is family-friendly sets her different from other casino YouTubers like NG Slot and Brian Christopher Slots.

At casinos in Florida and Las Vegas, the pair discussed their successes and failures. With their particular brand of content, they appeal to a wide audience. Because of this, they currently have over 273,000 subscribers, and they are still growing.


Maric creates quick videos for TikTok and streams her casino sessions on Twitch in addition to YouTube. She mostly uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise her brand on social media.

Francine has experience in sales and marketing from her prior occupation. In light of this, she made the decision to open her own clothes shop on TeeSpring. She offers her devoted supporters socks, tees, mugs, and hoodies. On their website, Lady Luck HQ posts the majority of their online activities.

Personal Life

In 2015, Francine and Miran Maric became husband and wife. Despite dating for about three years, they first connected while both were employees at Chrysler. Atlanta, Georgia, is said to be the current residence of Francine and Miran Merrick. The account is managed by their longtime girlfriend Miran; they created the YouTube channel in 2018. 

Francine makes use of her solid marketing expertise to expand the channel. According to reports, she and her spouse have a happy existence. He charmed himself to casino streaming enthusiasts all over the world with his dynamic and vivacious attitude.

Francine and her lifelong companion Miran are claimed to manage the YouTube account, which they set up in the beginning of 2018 and has received over 159 million views as of this writing. Francine serves as the spokeswoman for the channel, while Miran mostly produces and edits content. With numerous other named casino YouTubers like them, the couple’s fantastic personalities and tremendous enthusiasm have helped them establish themselves as one of the top casino vlogging stars.


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