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80th Lebanon Independence Day – November 22 (Lebanese Day 2024)

Happy Lebanon Independence Day to all the Lebanese people out there. This is the time when they celebrate their independence from France with different activities like parades and cultural programs. It will be good to know some facts and histories about the Happy Lebanon Independence Day.

When is Lebanon Independence Day?

Lebanon observes their Independence Day on 22 November every year. It is one of the most important days for Lebanon as a nation and is celebrated with due formalities.

Happy Lebanon Day

History of Lebanon Independence

Emile Iddi resigned on 4 April 1941 after the Vichy government appointed General Henri-Fernand Dentz as the High Commissioner of Lebanon. During the visit of General Charles de Gaulle, Lebanese leaders asked him to end the French control over Lebanon and accept them as an independent country.

Because of a tremendous national and international pressure, General Georges Catroux accepted the independence of Lebanon in the name of his government. France arrested some of the most prominent leaders of Lebanon including the president, the prime minister, and some cabinet members after they amended the constitution.

Under the immense pressure of the international community, they were released on 22 November 1943.

Lebanese Independence Day
Lebanese Independence Day

Lebanon Independence Day Facts

  • After the resignation of Emile Iddi, an armistice was signed on 14 July 1941.
  • French proclaimed the independence of Lebanon on 26 November 1941.
  • General elections were held on 21 September 1943.
  • Lebanon amended its constitution on 8 November 1943.
  • Independence of Lebanon became effective on 1 January 1944.

Celebrate 80th Lebanese Independence Day

Independence Day is always an occasion to celebrate with joy and glory. It will be celebrated like the past years this time. It is a public holiday. People will gather on parade ground to watch parades, decorate houses and offices with flags and festoons, cultural functions will be organized.

Independence Day Lebanon Quotes

Celebrate 76th Lebanese Independence Day
Celebrate 76th Lebanese Independence Day

Lebanese Independence Day Activities

  • Houses and offices will be decorated with flags, flowers, and lights.
  • Combined Military Forces will perform on the Independence Day Parade.
  • Discussions and cultural programs will be arranged in Beirut as well as across the country.
  • People will join fairs and concerts to fulfill their happiness.
  • Feasts will be arranged for the homeless or poor people so that they can also share the happiness.

تدعو قيادة الجيش المواطنين لمشاركتها نشاطات
-18 ت2: زرع 7500 شجرة أرز في محميات لبنان.
-21 ت2: إطلاق مناطيد في الـ”Biel”، وعرض مائي في طرابلس، جبيل، جونية، بيروت، صيدا وصور.
-24 ت2: احتفال موسيقي على درج المتحف الوطني.

نشاطات عيد الاستقلال ال76 على الرابط التالي:

Lebanese Independence Day Activities
Members of the Lebanese security forces take part in a military parade for Independence Day celebrations

Lebanon Independence from Syria

In 1943, Syria and Lebanon achieved tentative independence from France. Lebanon is considered one of the most democratic countries in the Arab world. But now its government is creating a condition where socio-economic tension is growing as the government has renewed its mandate unconstitutionally. Also, the Syrian and Palestinian refugees are making the situation stressful.

Lebanon is now under pressure in the economy as it is tough for them to address all the problems at the same time.

Final Words

May this country rise over the problems as they got independence and continue to practice democracy in the next years. This is the wish for them just before the Happy Lebanon Independence Day.

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