Limbus Company – Tips how to avoid mistakes

This guide contains all the information you need regarding the Limbus Corporation as well as suggestions on how to avoid mistakes. During each phase, adhere to these directions. There are a few things you should be aware of when the game initially begins in order to save time and money. Learn about the Limbus Business in depth and learn how to prevent blunders.
Starting the Limbus Corporation game might be intimidating, and making mistakes can waste time and resources. The first mistake most players make is to skip the entry-level characters and go straight for gacha rolls, choosing characters with two or three stars instead.

Tips how to avoid mistakes

Gacha Mistake

Going straight for gacha rolls and choosing two- or three-star characters rather than basic ones is the first mistake. As you can see, the game can already be won because to the 12 basic characters’ power and the fact that they get free evolutions. More late-game resources, which you don’t have and shouldn’t use up, are required for gacha characters to evolve.
It is important to keep in mind that the game’s 12 basic characters have free evolutions and are strong enough to prevail. Contrarily, gacha characters require late-game resources that you shouldn’t waste.

Players also make the mistake of fielding teams with more than two or three stars. This wastes experience and hinders the advancement of other players. This can hurt your team as the game goes on. Because it bestows additional passive benefits, incredibly effective active talents, and enhances on-hand skills, evolution is significant in Limbus Company. By browsing the list of sinners and clicking and holding the left mouse button on any sinner’s image, you may confirm the evolution mechanism, also known as “Uptie Tier.”

Loner mistake

The game will immediately introduce you to a number of mechanics, so don’t attempt to understand everything at once. It is unnecessary for me to go into depth, therefore I won’t do so here. A partner with a character that is 30 levels or stronger is what you actually need. To access the main menu, click the Limbus Company logo in the bottom left corner of the screen, adjacent to the experience bar. choose “add friend” from the “friends” menu after that. You might try adding a random individual or browsing forums for advice.

Before entering battle, choose the “Edit Team” option, any character, and then the “Support” page to view your friends’ characters and freely equip one of them. One can only be borrowed, so some planning is still required.

EGO mistake

The vast majority of tutorials on YouTube and Steam either troll, give false information, or both. Building a good team requires a variety of complex tactics. We won’t cover them because I don’t want you to yank out any hair. EGO movements is one of those tactics; it demands exact alignment of five characters, math, a lot of clicking, and numerical memorizing. Affinities, which come in seven different forms including love and laziness, are used in the second strategy. We are less interested in them.

To locate what you need, all you have to do is keep the mouse button down over your character’s image in the main menu and look to the right. His two active skills’ hues are seen there. You’ve already finished doing half the task, so that’s it. Create a chain of complementary colors during fight by assembling a team of five characters with those hues. Nothing difficult; completed.


Limbus Corporation just released its role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows and mobile devices. Several gamers on desktops and mobile devices are taking advantage of this game because it is free.
The majority of gamers are having difficulty playing this Limbus Company game because of the confusing UI. It takes more time to just learn how to launch the game.

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