My Singing Monsters How to Play Complete Guide

One of the most distinctive games we’ve played on a mobile device is My Singing Monsters. This is due to its unique presentation, which revolves around hatching and rearing a vast range of monsters that, when placed on your islands, start playing tunes and producing lovely music. Its gameplay isn’t really novel or inventive, at least in terms of the mechanics.

Simply said, My Singing Monsters is a base-building game where you must gradually increase your resources by erecting buildings and hatching and rearing monsters. When these monsters are installed, they produce coins as resources. You may also construct a variety of buildings, such as bakeries, where you can use money to buy delicacies that, when given to your monsters, level them up and boost their ability to produce coins. Also, you will get XP by leveling up monsters, constructing buildings, and achieving objectives. This will help your account level up and grant you access to new monsters and facilities.

As previously indicated, this common gaming cycle is by no means novel. My Singing Monsters, on the other hand, is unique just because of its appearance, especially with all the great sounds your placed creatures produce. Also, if you play My Singing Monsters on a computer using BlueStacks, you may have an even better gaming experience by using a large computer display, a mouse, a keyboard, and premium headphones to hear the enchanting tunes your monsters produce.

To assist everyone get started with their islands, we decided to put up a brief beginner’s guide containing a few key details and some My Singing Monsters tips and techniques for newbies.

Island chain

You begin My Singing Monsters at “Plant Isle,” a quite unassuming location. The majority of the knowledge you’ll need for this game will be learned in this area, largely by experimenting and with some assistance from the tutorial. Yet, there are over twenty distinct islands in this game, all of which offer unique circumstances for your monsters. This is significant since various islands have the capacity to contain various kinds of monsters, in addition to the fact that every one of these locations has its particular melodies and sounds. In this way, the same monsters used on several islands will make distinctive noises and add distinctive tunes of their own.

While Plant Island will help you understand the gameplay cycle, by meeting certain requirements, you may unlock other islands in a specified order. For instance, gamers must spend 5,000 coins to unlock the following location, “Cold Isle.” Players must spend 50,000 coins to open the venue following Cold Island, and so forth.
In My Singing Monsters, the objective is to actually unlock as many monsters as you can. This is important since each creature may provide a different form of sound for the melody of the particular island, therefore the goal is not to get to the endgame as quickly as you can.

This information is crucial in “Composer Island,” where the only objective is to compose music with the monsters you’ve acquired during normal gameplay. In this area, you may use cash to set up any monster kind and provide them with a sheet of music to play, allowing you total creative control over the composition of the song and the addition of the noises. There are some pretty fantastic compositions there that any music lover will surely want to check out. If you click on the “Friends” icon, you can visit the Composer Islands of other players and view the most voted works of the week.

Monster Types

There are as many different types of creatures in My Singing Monsters as there are different islands. Despite the fact that the differences between different monster types have little bearing on their usefulness because all of them produce interesting and thrilling melodies (as well as money), it is nevertheless beneficial to learn about them because they can influence particular gameplay components.
Regardless of the island, you’re on, “natural” monsters are the most prevalent type of monster in the game and may be found practically any place. These monsters may be bred to combine their parts after leveling up, which can produce new and unique monsters. These creatures may possess one or more types of elements.

You’ll come across other monster varieties on your journey, such as Fire monsters, which should not be mistaken for Natural creatures with a fire elemental affinity. These Fire monsters can have a secondary elemental type in addition to being connected with a fire affinity and native to Fire Haven and Fire Oasis.

Along with Fire monsters, other varieties of monsters include Magical and Ethereal ones, each of which has its own island. Finally, there are Monsters that are Mythical, Celestial, Rare, Epic, Seasonal, Supernatural, and Supernatural. Each of these sorts has its own unlocking requirements, but you won’t need to worry about them at first because they frequently need specialized cash to acquire and hatch, or they have a limited supply and are discovered through in-game events.

Coins and Their Uses

The primary form of payment in My Singing Monsters is coins, and it’s very clear what you can do with them: You may buy and place structures with coins as well as buy monster eggs with them. To manufacture goodies that can be given to your monsters to raise their levels and increase the amount of cash they earn over time, they can also be utilized in bakeries in a similar manner.

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