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National Airborne Day 2024 Date, Wishes, Quotes

National Airborne Day, observed annually on August every year in the USA, honors the achievements of the Army’s parachute tradition. Army paratrooper organizations such as the Airborne Rangers and also the Army Golden Knights parachute squad are well-known in the United States, and Army paratroopers have distinguished themselves over more than seven decades of service, including the 2003 Iraq war.

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National Airborne Day Date

National Airborne Day is scheduled on August 16 every year. This is on Monday in 2024. For instance, had it not been for Allied soldiers dropping from planes inside enemy lines during World War II, the invasion of Normandy might have gone awry and cost thousands of more lives.

National Airborne Day Date

Important Facts about National Airborne Day

Some of the important and interesting facts about National Airborne Day are mentioned below:

  • President George W. Bush recognized the Airborne Rangers in 2002 with a presidential proclamation designating August 16th as National Airborne Day.
  • According to the President’s statement, “airborne combat persists to be fueled by the bravery and bold spirit of sky soldiers.
  • Frequently summoned without warning, these forces have established an enduring reputation for commitment, excellence, and honor.
  • As we confront the challenges of the new era, I encourage everyone to recognize these valiant soldiers’ contributions to our Nation and the world.”
  • Seven years later, in 2009, the Senate passed Resolution 235 recognizing National Airborne Day.

National Airborne Day Images

How to Celebrate National Airborne Day?

Due to the fact that National Airborne Day is not a federal holiday, it is frequently up to local base communities with Airborne Ranger communities to plan and organize initiatives and awareness-raising events in honor of August 16th. Numerous events are organized by Airborne Ranger Association that operates similarly to college alumni associations.

For instance, in 2015, the 82nd Airborne Division Association’s Benavidez-Patterson Chapter in El Paso, Texas, held an open house to commemorate the Army’s 75th anniversary of its first airborne jump.

The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Foundation commemorated National Airborne Day in 2017 with a public event that included parachute demonstrations and a HALO jump by the Army Golden Knights parachute team.

How Should National Airborne Day Be Celebrated?

National Airborne Day Wishes

 Contact a paratrooper by phone or email

If you have a family member or peer group member who is a member of an airborne division, take a moment to express your gratitude and admiration. It will take little time, and they will appreciate your outreach.

Go skydiving

It may seem extreme, but for many amateur skydivers, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and while you’re in free fall, you can imagine what it would be like to drop behind enemy lines.

Visit the Airborne Museum

The museum’s physical location in Sainte-Mère-Eglise, France, puts it out of reach of the average budget, but the museum’s website contains a wealth of detailed data and stories about the world’s airborne personnel.

National Airborne Day 2024 Wishes

A very National Airborne Day to everyone. Let us salute our heroes who keep our skies always secure and our nation safe.

For the world, sky is the limit but for those who are in Airborne, sky is the home. Wishing everyone a very Happy Airborne Day.

The occasion of Airborne Day fills our hearts with pride that we have such marvels protecting the skies of America with courage and technology.

The world from up above the skies is a beautiful sight which you can never know till you are on grounds. Wishing a very Happy Airborne Day.

You have to be intelligent, courageous and technologically educated to be in aviation. Let us salute our heroes on the occasion of Airborne Day.

National Airborne Day Quotes

The occasion of National Airborne Day is a day to thank our heroes who have our country covered from our enemies from up above.

Warm wishes on National Airborne Day. Flying has its own fun and thrill and to understand it, you have to be a part of it.

A pilot can display the technologies and mechanics of flying but he can never express the joy it brings along. Happy Airborne Day.

Flying high in the skies has always been a dream for man, to see the world from up above. Wishing a very Happy Airborne Day.


National Airborne Day honors the past, present, and future accomplishments of American airborne troops across all campaigns, theaters of operations, and peacekeeping missions. Airborne divisions, from the first American utilization of paratroopers on August 16, 1942, to the 101st “Screaming Eagles,” are among our best and bravest.

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