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National App Day 2024: Date, History, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Celebration

Just think about our day to day life just 15 years back from now on. How was it? Just think of buying a pizza or booking a railway ticket or even buying some groveries. It was not possible unless you do attend those places physically and do the jobs manually. But Now its a matter of a few minutes and some clicks doesn’t matter whether you want to book a railway ticket, a book, some groceries or even a Pizza. All you have to do is just take the help of the certain “apps” in your mobile or computer and do the job. The stuff will be delivered at your door. And it all have become possible due to the immense development o f technology. And especially by the grace of ‘Apps’

Apps are basically shorter modified form of computer applications. The National App Day is celebrated on December 11 every year.

National App Day Date

The National App Day is celebrated on December 11 every year in America and other surrounding countries. Apps evolved with the advancements of mobile technology industry.

History Chronologies of Mobile Applications

The word Apps stand for application usually found on mobiles and computers. An app is a form of technology that helps us afford things and make our life easier. App started being found with the evolution of the smart technologies like chipset, processor and touchscreen in mobile.

The very first app was invented by the American company Psion in 1980. They made a PDA which could provide a calculator, to-do list or agenda, text editor and contacts. This one happens to be the first ever PDA developed and the initial form of Apps what they are now.

The word App was picked and considered in the dicrtionary in 2010 by the American Dialect Society.

Now a days there are millions of Apps on both Apple and Android platforms. Apps was first widely introduced in 2007 by both Apple and Android.They introduced as many as 500 apps on that time when they launched their OS 2.0. Steve Jobs first came up with the idea of an app store in 1983. Later they brought their Apple app store and ipod,  itunes in the market.

Who and When was the first modern mobile app was launched could not be known but it is obvious thay with the revolution of mobile industry incorporating the modern technologies the uses and availability of Apps started booming. And there have been many platforms since the evollution of mobile industry such as Amazone Appst9re, BlackBerry’s App world and Google’s Play store.

In 2017 the amount of downloading apps in the world reached more than 175 billions the owner of the Platinum Edge(mobile marketing Agency) C.J Thompson declared the National App Day. Since then it has been celebrating on December 11,  every year.

Significance of Apps

Apps have made our life easier and much more organised and saved our time at a huge amount. There are over millions of apps and millions of app developers working on the internet around the world. The industry estimates more than a billion which has made the employment of millions developers. Besides, we cant think of our life without apps as it has made our life much m9re easier and organised.

National App Day Celebration

The National App Day is celebrated every year on December 11. To celebrate the day one can easily go to the app store and download a necessary app. Give them a rating on the store and put a post on facebook or other social media using the NationalAppDay hashtag.

National App Day Wishes, Messages

Warm wishes on National App Day to everyone. There are so many apps around us that are making our lives awesome in some way.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of National App Day. Apps have made our lives so much smarter and we must celebrate apps on this day.

The occasion of National App Day reminds us the importance of applications in our lives and be thankful of these apps.

On the occasion of National App Day¸ we must thank the developers behind developing apps and celebrate the innovative ideas behind these apps.

There are apps for anything and everything and on the occasion of National App Day, we must come together to celebrate apps which generate employment and provide comfort.

Things are made simpler with applications and we cannot be more thankful for the same. Happy National App Day.

National App Day Quotes

  • “Apps have revolutionized the way we live, work, and connect. Happy National App Day – celebrating the power of innovation in the palm of our hands!”

  • “On National App Day, let’s appreciate the tiny icons that have made our lives gigantic with possibilities. Cheers to the genius behind the apps we can’t live without!”
  • “In the world of apps, every click is a step towards convenience, every download a gateway to efficiency. Happy National App Day to the tools that simplify our lives!”
  • “From sunrise to sunset, apps light up our screens and make our tasks easier. Wishing everyone a Happy National App Day.

Let us come together and make the occasion of National App Day. Applications make lives easier and bring us comfort and ease.

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