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National Cheese Pizza Day 2024: History, Activities, Recipe, Facts

Every year on 5 September pizza lovers celebrate the day as National Cheese Pizza Day. A Pizza may have different types and tastes. People love some classics, like pepperoni, pizza with pineapple, barbecued chicken pizza, etc. Whatever your pizza preference—thin crust, or thick, topped with pepperoni, peppers, or anchovies—melted cheese on a good pizza crust is key to the pleasure of pizza.

Each year, more than 2 billion pounds of pizza cheese is produced in the U.S. alone. So on this special day, savor a classic slice of gooey, gooey cheese pizza for yourself, and share a slice or two with some of your very best friends.

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National Cheese Pizza Day picture
National Cheese Pizza Day picture

History of National Cheese Pizza Day

National Cheese Pizza Day encourages the consumption of Italian dishes. Cheese Pizza is typically made with dough, tomatoes, and cheese. It is commonly associated with Italian culture. The baker Raffaele Esposito is commonly credited with the origin of the first pizza pie in Naples, Italy. He made the pie for Italian King Umberto and Queen Margherita when they visited the country in 1889.

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Pizza has become a popular dish in the US following World War II. By the second half of the 29th century, it was an iconic dish in North America. The first Pizza Hut opened in Kansas in 1958. Today, the original Italian dish has been adapted in different countries to suit the taste and there are more toppings than you can guess. Pizza toppings have led to a war of words on social media as well, remember Pineapple on Pizza? But cheese pizza remains a popular choice among many pizza lovers and this day is simply dedicated to this type of pizza.

There’s no doubting it, pizza has become a U.S and Canadian favorite, and cheese pizza is at the heart of it. It’s a popular dish at any party or friend gathering, and that’s not about to change anytime soon!

National Cheese Pizza Day image
National Cheese Pizza Day image

National Cheese Pizza Day by Numbers

3 billion – pizzas are sold every year in the U.S.
350 – Slices of pizza sold every second
41% – American’s eating pizza every week
70,000 – Pizzerias in the U.S.
$40 billion – The size of the pizza industry in the U.S.
46 – Slices of pizza eaten each year by the average person.
6,600 – Pizzerias in California, more than any other state.
59% – Adults who prefer pizza as a dinner option
51,000 pounds – The weight of the largest pizza ever made
93% – Americans who will eat pizza at least once in the next 30 days.

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Pizza party!

In this crazy world, if one thing is certain, it’s that everyone loves a slice of hot, steaming pizza. Invite some of your best pizza-lovin’ friends over to celebrate this special holiday.

Get your hands on the best cheese pizza

They all might be delicious, but one of them has to be the crème de la crème. Maybe New York has it? Chicago? Ask your friends, ask your nearby Italian restaurant owner, or ask Yelp to start your quest on obtaining the best slice of cheese pizza glory right now.

Easy Pizza Recipe

In the first step to prepare this delicious Cheese Pizza recipe, preheat the oven on convection mode at 250 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, spread the tomato sauce evenly on each pizza base. Take a chopping board and chop onions, tomatoes, capsicum, and mushroom on it.

In step 2, mix all the chopped vegetables and seasoning in a bowl. Microwave these vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl for around 30-40 seconds or a minute. Spread this vegetable topping on each pizza base. Sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese at the top of each pizza.

And in the last step, You can either bake this pizza in a microwave or you can use a non-stick Tawa for the same. However, in this recipe, we have used microwaves. Bake the pizza on the high rack at 250 degrees Celsius till the cheese melts. It will take around 10-12 minutes. Cut the delicious Cheese Pizza into slices and serve with sauces.

5 Facts about Pizza

  1. Americans order a lot of pizza. In fact, they order an average of 350 slices per second.
  2. People prefer thin crust. 61% of people prefer to order thin crust pizza over thick or deep-dish.
  3. Pizzerias use a lot of cheese. They purchase more than 4 billion dollars worth of cheese every year!
  4. A lot of boxes per day. The average pizzeria goes through roughly 55 pizza boxes per day.
  5. It can be breakfast food, too! 36% of people say pizza is the perfect breakfast.
National Cheese Pizza Day Photo
National Cheese Pizza Day Photo

Why is National Cheese Pizza Day Popular?

Fastest Healthier Food

Pizza is popular due to its simplicity of preparation. If there is any other food easier to prepare and healthy, pizza tops that list. Using some fresh vegetables make it helpful, especially to vegetarians.


Some of the food cooked at home involves many things when you want to carry it around. But, you only need to grasp a piece of the sliced pizza, and you are ready to go. You can transport pizza with the box you bought it in, and you don’t need utensils to eat it.

Promotes Relationship

There are foods that you can’t share with your loved ones or people around you. Foods like soup are not sharable. Pizza fits in as shareable food and comes in handy when you’re with friends, family, and people you love.

Festivals Associated With It

Festivals are another factor that leads to the popularity of pizza and clearly explains why it has gained popularity over the last few decades. Pizza is the heart of many celebrations in different parts of the world.


National Cheese Pizza Day shows that pizza is popular even though people have different versions of the same. Some will top it with extra toppings, including seafood for Russian people, spicy minced beef by turkey people, and banana in Iceland, and many others. All these prove to you that pizza is famous in the whole world.

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