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National Clean Out Your Fridge Day 2024: History, Activities, Messages

Please pardon the pun, but National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15 couldn’t come at a better time! This is the ideal time to finish the scientific project that has been accumulating in the rear. Of course, in an ideal world, we’d all clean out our fridges much more frequently than once a year, but let’s face it: Making it an annual event gives everyone the reassurance that at least the terrible situation with your roommate’s long-forgotten “homemade kombucha” will be resolved eventually, and making it a national holiday gives you plenty of opportunity to be passive aggressive in the weeks before.

When is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

On November 15th, we celebrate National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day to help us get ready for the upcoming holidays. assemble a bucket with soapy, hot water, a disinfectant, a sponge, and a garbage bag.

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day History

New issues arise with new technologies. Since the first refrigerator for homes entered the market, consumers have had to cope with a new task: cleaning it.

Home refrigerator and refrigeration technology advanced between 1911 and 1922 at a rate that was only surpassed by the development of smartphones. The “Monitor Top,” named after the USS Monitor, an ironclad ship from the American Civil War, wasn’t created by GE until 1927. More than a million of these models were sold by themselves.

Separate freeze box units weren’t developed and used in addition to regular refrigerators until post-war America. Then, in the 1970s and 1980s, further advances contributed to the creation of the combo model that is most common today.

Everybody had the chore of having to clean out the refrigerator, regardless of the type they had over the years. Americans over the past century can relate to cleaning a refrigerator, whether it’s the rotten oranges, the brown bananas, or the milk you forgot about.

The origins of Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day are not entirely understood. The Whirlpool Corporation is generally credited with initiating this day, which gradually spread across the nation.

The day is thought to have been created by the company to be observed on the third Wednesday of each month, but it ended up taking on a life of its own. A Clean Out Your Refrigerator Week was later observed by Whirlpool, but the date had become fixed.

It makes sense that since cleaning out the refrigerator is a big task, people would put it off. It is helpful to have one day set aside to thoroughly clean the refrigerator because it makes regular cleaning simpler.

Despite being necessary for modern American homes, refrigerators are frequently disregarded. They house all of our food, thus it is crucial that they are cleaned frequently. The germs that spread when food goes bad in a refrigerator might damage all the food kept within.

A refrigerator that is overloaded will also use more electricity and operate less effectively. Regularly discarding food that has begun to go bad or that you don’t intend to eat will go a long way. Spills should be cleaned up right away, and this is a good opportunity to see what you’ve got in the freezer section.

Checking your refrigerator’s performance and whether it requires any maintenance during a cleaning session is a great idea. The ideal time to make sure everything is prepared for Thanksgiving is right before the holidays when it’s Clean Your Refrigerator Day!

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day Activities

Give far too much formal, forceful notification

Nobody wants to look for their prized turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich at lunchtime only to discover that it was thrown out with the fuzzy pasta that hadn’t been touched since last month. The trick to this aspect of National Clean Out Your Fridge Day celebrations is to issue a string of notices that get progressively more overblown and grave-sounding. A countdown clock with a picture of a nuclear mushroom cloud and the words “days until National Clean Out Your Fridge Day” on it may be attached to the fridge. Send a company-wide email with your supervisor as the CC. Send a series of group texts over the days leading up to the event if it’s your roommates.

assist a friend or relative

It might be laborious to clean out a refrigerator, so please offer to help.

really purge the refrigerator

By the time the big day arrives, there’s a good possibility that if you’ve made a big deal out of it, you might even have recruited some help for emptying out the fridge. It seems that cleaning your fridge involves using “warm, soapy water” and “a sponge,” and unplugging it if you intend to leave the door open for an extended period of time to prevent energy waste. But given how much effort you put into getting the promotion, hopefully, one of your friends or coworkers will be more knowledgeable about the specifics. It is only fair to distribute the work.

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day Messages

  • “Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! Time to bid farewell to those forgotten leftovers and make room for freshness and organization. Your fridge will thank you!”

  • “On National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, turn that refrigerator chaos into order! Say goodbye to mystery containers and hello to a clean, organized space. Happy cleaning!”
  • “Cheers to a fresh start! Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. May your shelves be clean, your veggies crisp, and your fridge a beacon of organization.”
  • “Today is the day to tackle the fridge clutter! Wishing you a Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. May your efforts be rewarding, and your fridge be sparkling clean.”
  • “Clear out the old, make room for the new! Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. May your cleaning efforts lead to a fridge full of freshness and delicious possibilities.”
  • “Out with the old and in with the organized! Celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day by decluttering, cleaning, and creating a fresh space for your favorite treats.”
  • “Raise a toast to a clean and organized fridge! Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. May your cleaning endeavors make your kitchen a more inviting and efficient space.”
  • “Give your fridge the love it deserves! Happy National Clean Out Your Fridge Day. Here’s to a sparkling clean space and the joy of finding exactly what you’re looking for.”
  • “On National Clean Out Your Fridge Day, let’s make space for freshness and order. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a clean and welcoming refrigerator!”
  • “A clean fridge is a happy fridge! Wishing you a wonderful National Clean Out Your Fridge Day filled with organization, cleanliness, and the satisfaction of a job well done.”

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