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National Walk to School Day 2024: History, Activities

One of the finest exercises is walking. Unlike jogging and running, it is easier on our knees and feet while yet providing all the benefits.

The purpose of National Walk to School Day is to increase support and knowledge of the advantages of routinely walking or bicycling to school for your health, the community, and the environment.

When is National Walk to School Day?

National Walk to School Day is the first Wednesday in October, which is the ideal time to observe it. The day not only promotes fitness, but the weather is also ideal for walking children to school.

National Walk to School Day History

The Partnership for a Walkable America created Walk to School Day in the USA in 1997 as a single-day occasion to raise awareness of the value of walkable neighborhoods.

National Walk to School Day Activities

Wear your favorite school clothing or colors and sing the fight song as you go to school to show off your school spirit.
Consider setting aside the day to pick up trash along the way to school to help clean up the streets.
Create a brief list of objects for kids to find while walking to school in the morning or the afternoon. Ask pupils to photograph everything they come across. Request that nearby companies give bicycle helmets, bags, or water bottles as incentives for the students that participate.
Competition in the classroom – Give students pedometers or a step-counting app to track their walking commute distance. Give out healthy awards to the classes with the most attendees, the most walking commutes, and/or the greatest walking distance.

Walking Tale: Enlarge the images and text from a brief, understandable story to create posters (consider laminating in case of rain). Ask the participating kids to read a section of the narrative aloud at each station along the journey. Students will have finished reading a book on the route to school at the last stop. It encourages both physical exercise and literacy—a win-win!

Show Off a Special Family Member: Request that kids bring a special companion along for the stroll. To encourage participation, think about providing a nutritious breakfast or snacks after the walk.
Ask a local celebrity to walk with children during the morning or afternoon commute, such as the principal, a teacher, a police officer, a fireman, a local news anchor, or a professional athlete.

Ask a staff member, parent, or other volunteer to act as the “bus driver” for the walking school in the morning. Choose a certain “bus” stop and instruct kids to gather there at a specific time to ride the walking school bus to their destination.
Rock Around the Block: At certain periods during the day, buy a couple boom boxes from a charity shop and give them to senior student leaders for them to carry on their shoulders as the students “rock around the block.” Encourage students to dress in 80s or 90s attire to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Start a walking group before or after school to extend the experience. Work with kids to keep track of their miles, and provide rewards for significant distance achievements..


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