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National Wisconsin Day 2024:History, Activities

On February 15, the state of Wisconsin, its history, and its devoted residents are honored on National Wisconsin Day. The 30th state to join the American Union is Wisconsin. With its cheeses, breweries, copper, and so much more, Wisconsin is a state that just keeps giving, and we’re here to celebrate that.

When is National Wisconsin Day ?

National Wisconsin Day is observed on February 15th, and the polka music, cheese, and beer don’t stop!

National Wisconsin Day History

During the end of the last ice age, Paleo-Indians inhabited Wisconsin. Mammoths, mastodons, and huge beavers were just a few of the big animals that the Paleo-Indians hunted there. The Paleo-Indians turned to lesser species like deer and bison when these animals finally faced extinction. Wisconsin experienced the rise of pottery, artisanal agriculture, and the significance of plants in diets by the early Woodland Era.

Jean Violet, a French immigrant who arrived during the French era and opened the path for a number of subsequent European settlers, was the first known European to establish himself in Wisconsin. In 1763, Wisconsin was fully governed by the British. The Treaty of Paris in 1783 gave the United States Wisconsin. Yet it didn’t start to effectively run the state until the War of 1812. Even after this law, several battles were fought in and for Wisconsin. It was integrated into many other territories until to being awarded its own Wisconsin Territory in 1836.

Ultimately, Wisconsin was admitted as the 30th state to the union on May 29, 1848, becoming the first state to do so. Since then, it has had a diverse ethnic population, been a useful resource, and contributed significantly to the modernization of government. Due to the vast array of items it provides, it has earned several designations, like the Dairy Land, Water Park Capital, Badger State, Copper State, etc. Because he thought that Wisconsin, its people, and anybody who had worked hard in the past to make the state what it is today deserved to be cherished and acknowledged, Governor Tony Evers proclaimed February 15 as National Wisconsin Day in 2019.

National Wisconsin Day Activities

Come to Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a lot to offer, including several water parks (it is after all the capital water parks), a wide variety of art museums, and much more. Wisconsin has approximately 15,000 lakes, so you may even arrange a trip to one of its many great lakes.

Study up on Wisconsin

It is a wonderful state with a lengthy past. Spend some time learning about the state and everything it has to offer, how it was discovered, etc. on this National Wisconsin Day. Even reading or watching films on it are options.

Wisconsin, come to you

From the comfort of your home, commemorate the state. Try to discover Wisconsin cheeses, beers, and other products in your neighborhood retailers. Even better, have some friends over to partake in delicious goodies and a polka dancing party!

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