Octopath Traveler 2 – Wanted A Good Joke Side Story Walkthrough

Needed A Good Joke is one of the several ancillary narratives that you may complete while exploring Octopath Traveler 2’s world. After finishing Partitio’s character’s first chapter, which starts this side quest, you can access this side story. Be aware of Octopath Traveler 2 – Wanted 

A Good Joke Side Story Walkthrough.

You must travel into Oresrush, which is located in the Wildlands, in order to finish the mission. Keep in mind that “Level 6” and higher is the suggested level for finishing this side story. To begin it, you’ll need to meet with “Joe.”
Joe is a dependable buddy and Partitio’s traveling companion. He wants to tell a girl some amusing jokes to impress her, but he is at a loss for words. You are now tasked with finding three jokes from Octopath Traveler 2 for him. You must thus gather three jokes from Harry, Nikki, and Ned and give them to Joe. If you have trouble locating any of them, use Temenos’ “Coerce” power.

Octopath Traveler 2 Wanted: A Good Joke Walkthrough

In order to begin this side story, you must first locate Joe; only then can you start the task. He is at the light outside with the local girl. Be sure to bring Osvald, Hikari, Temenos, and Castti along. These people were picked because they, together with Osvald, Hikari, Temenos, and Castti, can employ talents like “Scrutinize,” “Bribe,” “Coerce,” and “Inquire.”
Harry, Nikki, and Ned may be found in Oresrush at any time of day or night as these NPCs roam around during the day.

Learn Harry’s opening joke.

In Octopath Traveler 2, Harry will give you the “Self-Deprecating Joke” first. Outside the Foundry, near to the stairs, you may find Harry. Miner Harry regularly hangs around with the merchant. Use the “Bribe” power to make Hikari laugh.

Get Nikki’s second joke.

You’ll discover Nikki’s “Special Joke” from her. After interacting with Harry, you can ascend the stairs to speak with Nikki. He is also Partitio’s buddy, therefore you may find out about his joke by utilizing Castti’s “Inquire” ability.

The third joke from Ned

Ned will share a joke with you he calls “Romantic Advice,” which is exactly what it is. Ned may be found easily at the Tavern. Castti’s “inquire” ability may be used to learn the joke once you’ve found him.

Completing the mission

When you have mastered all three jokes, return to Joe and see him create a new one using what you have learned. Congrats, you just helped Joe find the woman of his dreams!
Need A Good Joke is just one of the many side plots in Octopath Traveler 2. To complete these objectives, you must talk with specific NPCs and do the right Route Action. Timing is also crucial since while everyone else travels throughout the day, the locals who provide quests do not.

Return to Joe

Let Joe know that you have three jokes for him to use to charm the girl when you get back to him. He will feel outmatched and come up with a fresh joke using those three puns.
To obtain jokes from each of his buddies, players must still locate three of them. Unless adventurers wish to coerce or bribe Joe’s friends into giving up their jokes, it is advised to do this task during the day. They can use Osvald to look into the jokes told by Joe’s buddies or Castti to ask questions, but it’s simpler to stay with Castti because there’s always a risk that Osvald won’t be successful.


By enquiring or closely observing all of Joe’s friends, you may discover all of their best jokes. Once you’ve mastered the jokes, go back and talk to Joe in Oresrush next to the gun shop. A cutscene in which he informs the Composed Lady that he likes his own version on the jokes will begin playing when you tell him about them. After the cutscene is through, Wanted: A Good Joke in Octopath Traveler 2 will be complete. The rewards for completing this side quest are 3,500 Leaves and 1 Invigorating Nut.

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