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Paul Allen Net Worth 2024,Bio,Early Life,Family etc: Facts You Don’t Know

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft alongside some bloke named Bill Gates, and owner of the Seattle Seahawks, has amassed a net worth of around $16.2 billion. Here are five facts about Paul Allen that you probably didn’t know.


With the help of this post, we will learn today about a summary of Paul Allen’s net worth and biography. To learn more about Paul Allen’s biography in-depth, please read this article carefully. Paul Allen and William Gates met at Seattle’s Lakeside School when Gates was just 12 years old and Allen was 14 years old.

Allen had a passion for science from a young age. His parents, who both held significant duties as librarians, assisted him in developing a wide range of interests. They were aware of the dangers that curiosity may pose, and Allen served as a prime illustration. William Gates was persuaded by him to leave Harvard College. Paul Allen was 17 years old, while Bill Gates was 15 at the time.
With a SAT score of 1600, Allen opted to leave Washington State University after two years to work as a programmer for Honeywell in Boston.


He is not married and his girlfriend, Jeri Hall, a former love interest of Paul Allen, is single. He has no children because he was never married.
Paul’s father, Kenneth Samuel Allen, worked as a librarian. His mother was a librarian by the name of Edna Faye Allen. His sister Jody Allen, who works as an entrepreneur, is his sibling.

When Hodgkin’s lymphoma was discovered in 1982, he underwent a bone marrow transplant as well as various stages of radiation therapy.
2009 saw a recurrence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which was effectively treated at that time. Later in 2018, it returned in his body, and on October 15, 2018, he passed away.


He attended Lakeside School as well as Washington State University, from where he graduated. His educational background is higher secondary.
His Career: In 1975, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Allen and Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft. To get the company off, Allen sold interpreters for the BASIC programming language.
buys the CUDS operating system, which Allen oversaw the organization of in 1980, for $50,000,000.

In November 2000, Allen left the board of directors of Microsoft and later sold 368 million of its shares. He now has 138 million firm shares.

Paul Allen Net Worth:

Paul Allen makes his living as a businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He gained notoriety for helping to start Microsoft. Paul Allen has a $20 billion estimated net worth. He worked hard to earn this money.

Initiatives for Giving Back: 

Paul Allen has made a substantial contribution to giving back. He donated $2 million to the University of Washington in 1989 to help with the building of a library.
He again granted the same university $14 million in 2002 to help with the Center for Computer Science and Engineering’s building. University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen gave $26 million in 2010 to establish the School of Global Animal Health.

Final words

Paul Allen Net Worth can have a comprehensive understanding from the quote’s complete details. He was upholding his social and familial obligations as well as his work obligations up until the time of his death.
He has contributed to the wellbeing of others by his charitable activity, and we pray that the rewards he receives for this labor will provide a happy everlasting existence for him. Please visit our page to learn more about renowned and well-known persons.


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