Pokémon GO – How to get more revives?

In Pokémon GO, are you attempting to collect more revives? There are several simple methods to obtain more! For a chance to receive revives, you can open presents, spin PokéStops and gyms, and check the daily free box. To earn extra revives, complete field research assignments, advance in levels, and take part in profitable raids. You can learn how to obtain revives in Pokémon GO by reading this wikiHow article.

A trainer needs a sizable stock of Revives in order to advance in Pokemon Go’s fight. This article will show you where to find Pokestops, Field Research jobs, and other places to earn extra Revives in Pokemon Go.

The majority of Pokemon Go’sbattle is kind-based. To do the maximum damage, players must focus on factors like CP, IVs, attacks, and types. But, if your Pokemon passed out before its Health Points were 0, these characteristics are useless.

Items like Revives and Potions aid in both revitalizing and boosting a Pokemon’s health. Your Pokemon will not experience HP-related problems in the Go Battle League, but you will still need to revive them following raids, Team Go Rocket matches, and Gym battles.
This is how to obtain Revives in Pokemon Go in light of that.

The best way to get Revives in Pokemon Go

The greatest places to find revives in Pokemon Go are as follows:
Spinning gyms and poke stops: The most trustworthy places to find Revives in Pokemon Go are Pokestops and Gyms. When you can, spin them because there’s a chance that one of the objects that drop will be a Revive.

Open presents: your friends have sent you because they could include Revives. 30 presents may be opened in a single day.

Worksheets for Field Research: Click the binocular symbol in the lower right corner of the Pokemon Go home screen. You may discover many Field Research jobs here, some of which may award Revives as a completion bonus.

Raid battles: After eliminating a raid boss, you receive Revives in the game. While skilled Trainers may attempt to participate in three-star (Mega Raids) alone, we don’t advise it because you’ll likely lose a lot of Pokemon for no real benefit.

Leveling up: As a Pokemon Go player levels up, they receive a variety of goodies, including Pokeballs, Egg Incubators, and Revives.

Fair enough, Raids shouldn’t be your first focus while seeking for Revivers as they may be rather difficult. The more active friends you have who can send you presents frequently, the better.
Having said that, players may begin receiving revives from Photo Discs at Level 5 and will regularly obtain them for leveling up between Levels 5-29. On the other side, max revives will be awarded for leveling up between Levels 30 and 40 and may be obtained starting at Level 30 from Photo Discs.

However, if your beloved Pokémon passes out, there is no way to resurrect them and restore their health. The good news is that revives drop rather frequently and shouldn’t be too difficult to find. If your Pokemon hasn’t fainted, you may still use a potion to restore their health. In addition, there are many different Pokemon species in the game, so you should always have fighters on hand in case one of your team members is killed.

There are several events going on right now in-game if you haven’t been playing for a long. Jessie and James went by to assist Team GO Rocket, who had lately invaded with hot air balloons and were attempting to cause some mayhem. Also, with this year’s festival taking place practically in the game, plans for Pokemon GO Fest 2024 are now under way.


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