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Preacher Todd White Net Worth 2024,Bio,Early Life,Family etc

Lifestyle Community Church’s senior pastor, Todd White, is a well-known American preacher. He shares the gospel of freedom and morality through his YouTube channel. It is thought that Todd White was an atheist before converting in 2004. Todd White has grown significantly more well-known for his renewed faith in life following the incident he named in 2004. Preacher Todd White’s profile, net worth, and other information are included in the article you’re reading right now.

Todd White net worth $1 million
Birth date May 24, 1975
Birthplace Canada
Todd White age 47
Nationality American
Occupation Pastor, YouTuber, musician and author
Source of Income YouTube Ad Revenue, Book Salary, and Work as a Preacher


Who is Preacher Todd White?

American pastor, musician, and author Todd White talks about how his life has changed since 2004. It turns out that he wasn’t always a good person; he had Dan Mohler, the pastor of Lifestyle Community Church, as his mentor. Todd White was born in Canada on May 24, 1975. He is an American author, YouTuber, and musician.
Todd White, senior pastor of Lifestyle Christian Church in Watauga, Texas, is well-known for his work as a faith healer and for preaching the prosperity gospel alongside the Word of Faith movement. Todd White’s YouTube channel, which has the same name, features only sermons about atonement and righteousness. Up to the age of 22, Todd White battled drug addiction and atheism.

Preacher Todd White early life

The Senior Pastor was Todd White. Todd White has always held a firm belief in Jesus Christ as the only way to find redemption and righteousness, which is the basis for living as a brand-new creature. He eventually changed for the better after seeing the reality. Since then, Todd White has told everyone that he is delighted to be returning to his previous way of life. Pastor Todd Whitey has always been renowned for his candor and his sharing of God’s messages. Todd White received an unique placement in his Top YouTubers Net Worth category thanks to his encouraging wisdom.

It is well known that Pastor Todd White collaborated with Neck Ministries before he founded Lifestyle Christian Church in 2014. He has found the unique happiness he has always desired thanks to an inspirational existence. Several times, he was about to commit suicide before he sensed God’s presence. Then he started to share the kingdom gospel. Todd White was formerly married to Sarah White, according to Todd White’s girlfriend, and he and his wife were a happy married couple who believed in God. Faith healer Todd White is said to live in a lavish residence with a $1.5 million price tag.

Preacher Todd White net worth

Todd White has an extremely high monthly salary, earning about $1000 per month. Todd White’s revenue, which is estimated to be approximately $12000K per year, primarily comes from the Top Earning YouTuber’s YouTube channel. His prosperous and active life as a special preacher also brings in a lot of money for him. However, his work as a pastor and evangelism account for the majority of his income.

Additionally, a sizable portion of his overall wealth comes from book sales. Following YouTube’s cut, YouTubers pay $2 to $7 for every 1000 monetized views. The YouTuber pair also makes money from subscribers to YouTube Red, who for a monthly subscription may watch premium material on YouTube without being bombarded by commercials. It’s thought that even additional money from commercial partnerships and other social media platforms is increasing their net worth.

The last word

Biography of Todd White Todd White, who founded Bishes Community Church and is currently a lifestyle and church planter, had the chance to work with Dan Mohler’s ministry. Lifestyle The gospel is preached by Community Church all over the world. On mobile platforms, they communicate in various ways.


Who is the wife of Todd White?

Sarah White is Todd White’s wife, according to claims from Todd White’s girlfriend. Todd White’s marital status has always been known. Todd White and his wife have been a contented, devout marriage for many years.

What age is Todd White the pastor?

Todd White is a 47-year-old clergyman.

Todd White’s racial origin?

Todd White is a pastor and evangelist from the United States who also holds the position of Senior Pastor at the Lifestyle Christianity Church in Watauga, Texas. White is well-known for preaching the prosperity gospel and practicing faith healing as part of the Word of Faith movement.


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