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Rebecca Stevenson KOMO, Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Salary, and Net worth

Are you passionate about watching the weather report? Then you must have heard the name of Rebecca Stevenson, right? 

She is one of the most well-known meteorologists in America. After leaving the TV station in 2007, she returned in 2019 for a second stint. Her prior positions included reporting the weather for AL Jazeera America and the CBS station KIRO 7.

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Rebecca Stevenson Biography

Journalist Rebecca Stevenson is well-known for her work as a meteorologist for KOMO News. She holds degrees from Colorado State University, Mississippi State University, and the University of West Florida.

As a meteorologist, Stevenson contributes significantly to the KOMO 4cast team. The American Meteorological Society has acknowledged her since 2004.

Growing up in Pensacola, Florida, Rebecca experienced the difficulties of hurricanes, tropical depressions, and extreme humidity. Her interest in meteorology was sparked by her background. She remembers well standing in lengthy lineups with neighbors while there was no power due to terrible storms, waiting for fresh batteries and water.

In Tarkio, Missouri, where she attended college, she saw winter blizzards and spring tornadoes.

Rebecca Stevenson Age

Stevenson Rebecca As of 2024, Stevenson’s age is 44. Her birthday is October 5th each year, and she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1980.

Stevenson Rebecca Height

Rebecca weighs 58 kilograms and is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Rebecca Stevenson’s Parents and Family

Stevenson was born and raised in the United States by devoted parents. She was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America, together with her brothers.

Rebecca Stevenson’s educational background

.Stevenson is a competent and well-educated woman. Her three-year BMP program at Michigan State University, with a focus on operational meteorologists, was completed by her. She intends to pursue her master’s degree in addition to her two bachelor’s degrees.

Rebecca Stevenson Networth

Stevenson’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million (about). This covers her resources, earnings, and possessions. Her work as a meteorologist provides her with the majority of her income. She has been fortunate enough to amass wealth from her diverse income streams, yet she chooses to live simply.

Rebecca Stevenson Salary

Stevenson makes between $24,292 and $72,507 a year on average. This corresponds to an average hourly pay of $10.15 to $31.32. This is in accordance with our estimates of the typical pay for meteorologists in the US. Nonetheless, these numbers might differ significantly based on the employee’s seniority level. We will update this area as soon as we obtain the precise salary, which we do not currently have.

Stevenson Rebecca KING 5

Stevenson works as a meteorologist in Seattle, Washington, for KING 5, a CBS affiliate. Her morning news anchoring hours are 4:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. 2019 saw Stevenson join the TV station.

She was the weekend weather anchor at KIRO 7 before coming to work for KING 5. On December 23, 2014, she tweeted about the severe weather in the US and kept her followers informed about the news of fatal tornadoes.

Stevenson Rebecca KIRO 7: Al Jazeera

Stevenson joined KIRO 7 in March 2008 after departing from KING 5 in December 2007. After leaving KIRO 7 in 2012, she also served as a meteorologist and journalist for two years at Al Jazeera in Manhattan, New York.

Stevenson had a crucial role in the Al Jazeera launch crew. The weather has always been Stevenson’s first concern, and her reporting abilities in this area are exceptional.

Interesting Facts About Rebecca Stevenson

Rebecca worked at KING in Seattle, which is one of the few things about her that not even her ardent supporters and admirers know.

Rebecca’s parents still reside in Florida, even though she moved north when she was barely eighteen years old. At present, she resides in New York.

Some interesting facts about Rebecca are that she completed her education, obtained experience standards, or AQMs, and NWA seals, worked closely with M.J. and Tim, and participated actively in each group. 

Like many girls, Rebecca loves sewing, fishing, hiking, jogging, birds, kittens, and rainy days. 


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