The Best Way to Recover Snapchat Account In 2024

Although most of us use Snapchat for its privacy-focused features, losing your account might be a hassle. Having trouble accessing your Snapchat account can happen for a variety of reasons, including password forgetfulness or account hacking. In this post, we’ll explain how to safeguard your Snapchat account and how to get access to it again if you’ve misplaced it.

How to Recover Your Snapchat Account 

You should be aware of the circumstances behind your account’s loss of access before you begin the account recovery process. We simply forget our passwords occasionally. Sometimes we may have been locked out of our account by a hacker. In each of these situations, we’ll look into how we might regain access to our accounts.

How to Recover Snapchat Account if You Have Lost Your Password

You may reset your password to obtain access to your Snapchat account right away if you have forgotten it and are unable to log in. The steps to reset your account password are as follows:
1. Open Snapchat on your iOS or Android device and choose “Login.” After entering your login or email, click the “Lost your password?” link.
2. Next, decide if you want to use your phone or email to retrieve your account. Now, let’s choose the email option. When you choose the “by Email” option, a browser window will open where you must enter your email address and click the “Submit” button.

3. You’ll get an email from Snapchat with a link to reset your password. To change your password, click the link and input your new one.

4. Enter your phone number and select whether you want to utilize the message or call option if you want to restore the account using your phone number.
5. You just need to input the OTP you receive and the new password you wish to use at this point. You can return to the login page and access your Snapchat account after changing the password.

Forgotten your username and email? Recover your Snapchat account.

It could be challenging if you can’t remember your username if you haven’t used Snapchat in a while and are attempting to get back in the game. If you use your email address instead of your username and then utilize the password-forgot technique mentioned above, recovering your account will be the simplest process. But what if you’ve forgotten the email address you used to set up that account? What you can do about it, then, is as follows:
1. Create a list of every email address you have. Most people who lose their Snapchat email ID have several email addresses, and they simply can’t recall which one they used to create the account. 

  1. At this point, open the app on your phone and continue with the recovery procedure. Enter each email one by one using the recovery by email option. An error stating “Email address is incorrect” will appear for emails that are not linked to any email account.
  2. Use the correct email ID to reset your password and restore access to your account by repeating the same procedure until you locate it. For the same, follow the instructions in the section above.

The Best Way to Recover a Stolen Snapchat Account

It might be challenging to restore a stolen Snapchat account. The alterations that a hacker has made to your account will determine how difficult the recovery will be. The only thing you need to do to prevent someone from accessing your account if you discover that the information about it has been exposed in a data dump (haveibeenpwned is an excellent location to verify this) is to reset your password.
You can reset your password to regain access to your account if someone has previously accessed it and changed the password. You can’t do much about it, though, if someone altered both the phone number and the recovery email ID for that account. Contact Snapchat Help, complete a form, and wait in vain for them to help you regain your account.



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