Roblox’s Blox Fruits: New Update 20 will change everything

Blox Fruits’ much-anticipated Update 19 has just been made available, but Update 20 is already being discussed as being even bigger. That will be the largest update in Roblox history when we say it’s going to be massive. What makes this update so exciting, what new features it will add to the game, and why it’s a game-changer will all be covered in this post.

Novel Innovations for Fruits and Blocks

The Blocks Fruits development team has been slavishly preparing a wave of massive improvements for the game over the past few months. To make the game the best it can be, a lot of work has been put into it. Older places have been completely restored, and older skills will get graphic updates. Older fruits like Control and Dragon will also get the updates they deserve. Finally, other popular proposals like click-combat for extra fruits will be included. Controls on mobile devices will be significantly improved, as will gameplay in general. Blocks Fruits will become a fantastic experience that people will enjoy thanks to all of these changes.

Fresh Mechanics and Features

Not only that, though. New game mechanisms that will help Blocks Fruits become a full RPG will also be introduced. Gamers will like the several 2B revealed additions, including additional missions, item kinds, character growth, and an exploration system. Blocks Fruits will alter to become the excellent experience that people enjoy and deserve as a result of these modifications. 

Expectations for Update 20

This update will be so large that it will be released in sections. Many images showcasing thrilling game modifications have already been released on Twitter and Instagram. The fact that gamers will now have a social presence is one of the biggest changes. By clicking on the names of other players, gamers may access their profiles. Player information such as level, bounty, title, and the name is included in the social profile. Players can also provide information about themselves in this area. There is also information on the crew, rank, and all eyes. It’s really amazing that gamers can search for other players.


Upgrades and new swords

The new swords in the game may be improved using real pieces and fruits. In the future, improving swords will be more challenging, but it will likely be a lot more powerful. There will also be new goods introduced, including scrolls to enhance equipment or weapons. 

New maps and game-ending content

A lot of the game’s maps have received fresh improvements, including the port and café, and others have gotten a big makeover. The windmill, haunting ship, pirate settlement, and ice castle are among the other intriguing new maps. More end-game content will be added in the update, expanding the game’s scope beyond leveling up to the maximum and PvP. There will be a lot more things to do, like improving equipment and weaponry, interacting with other players, and taking part in additional events.


In conclusion, Update 20 for Blocks & Fruits will be the greatest upgrade in Roblox’s history. The mechanics of the game will be significantly improved, and new features, maps, and end-game material will also be included. Blocks Fruits will now offer a fantastic experience that users will like thanks to this upgrade. We are really anticipating what the Bricks Fruits team has in store for us in the upcoming weeks and months. Watch this space for more interesting updates!

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