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Singles awareness day 2024: Date, Quotes, Wishes, Messages

Single people often get a bad rap, but Singles Awareness Day is an opportunity for singles to celebrate and be proud of their singledom! If you’re in a relationship and your partner celebrates Singles Awareness day with you, consider yourself lucky! Singles awareness day is February 15th.

What is Singles awareness day?

Singles awareness day is an international holiday celebrated in many different countries. The singles awareness day is when people are encouraged to focus on being happy by themselves rather than looking for love. 

Singles awareness day’s history 

The first singles awareness was celebrated in London in 1995 at the city’s annual carnival parade. It has been adapted as a new way of commemorating single life. It initially became famous due to Valentine’s celebrations creating tension for those who were not part of the institution of Singles awareness day.

When is Singles awareness day? 

Singles Awareness Love Month is celebrated in September in the United States”. It is an international holiday that encourages people to be happy by themselves, rather than looking for love. 

Singles and other social events celebrate singles living uncloistered lives” (A Brief History). Today it is Singles’ Day in China and Japan.

Singles awareness day activity 

Singles awareness day can be celebrated in many different countries during many other months. These day activities include attending parties strictly for singles or where single people are not prohibited from attending.

Happy Singles awareness day quotes

A single quote is a proverb of experience passed on from one person to another in the form of a brief or extended saying. Single quotes are mostly. The single awareness day is a perfect moment for Single quotes.  

Single awareness day brings Single quotes to your mobile, Single images on Facebook, Single status on WhatsApp & Single wallpapers download free. Single quotes are Single awareness day Wishes & famous all over the internet world. You can use it as Single Whatsapp status and Single Facebook status.

Here are some Singles Awareness day quotes to celebrate.

  • “I am my soulmate until I find yours.” – Unknown
  • “A happy single is a happy couple in the making.” -Unknown
  • “It’s Singles Awareness Day, get off your pity pot.”- Unknown
  • “Being single means, no one is around to wake you up in the morning with wet hair.” -Unknown
  • “Singles are not broken, so don’t try to fix us. We haven’t met the right person yet.
  • ” -Unknown
  • “I’m single because my standards are high. When I meet someone who comes close, I’ll let you know.” -Unknown.
  • “There are people who are single but don’t want to be, and there are people who are single but don’t mind it at all.” -Unknown
  • “I love being in a mixed-gender group because when someone asks me ‘why aren’t you married,’ I can say, ‘so is everyone else!'”-Unknown
  • “Happy Singles awareness day quotes.”-Unknown
  • “Love is friendship set on fire.” – Jeremy Taylor

Singles’ Awareness Day Wishes & Messages:

Single Awareness Day is a momentary reminder that we’re responsible for our own happiness. Single ladies/boys celebrate Single Awareness Day with Single wishes, Single quotes, Single images and Single Whatsapp status.

  • It’s Single Awareness Day! So, get up and do all the things you’ve been meaning to get around to, all by yourself!
  • Happy Single Awareness Day! You are the first thought of my day and the last image in my mind before closing my eyes.
  • May you find your perfect match in a materialistic world, and may your love find its way to the heart of your soul mate!
  • You are not single; you are simply in a relationship with yourself. Happy Singles Awareness Day!


“Singles Awareness Day ” is the day that reminds people about singlehood. Single or unmarried? Singles awareness day makes you feel famous, special and unique. Single ladies (and men) try to make this day more memorable by spending it with their besties. If you are one, allow me to wish you a very Happy Single’s Awareness Day.

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