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Smoothie King National Smoothie Day 2024: History, Activities

There are certain things that are simply made to go together, like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, and naps and rainy days. Smoothies are best enjoyed in the summer, but a high-citrus blend may help you overcome your wintertime vitamin D shortfall. Look no further than the day on which National Smoothie Day is observed: June 21, the first day of summer! In order to commemorate National Smoothie Day in style, combine food, family, and outdoor activities. This way, you may start the summer off well. Add your own combination of sweet liquids, tart fruits, fresh veggies, and delicious surprise additions to create your own unique summertime flavor. Your preferred smoothie or shake may be mixed in the 20-ounce BPA-free container with this little blender.

When is Smoothie King National Smoothie Day?

On June 21, the first day of summer, National Smoothie Day is observed.

Smoothie King National Smoothie Day History

This seems logical that the creation of smoothies and the electric blender, which is required to make these delicious treats, occurred simultaneously. It would be ludicrous to try to make a smoothie with a hand blender, of course!
Health food shops in California, Oregon, and other western US states began using blenders in imaginative ways to create these delicious and healthy beverages. These drinks might have been an alternative to the well-known fruit-puréed cocktails from Brazil. Another hypothesis is that the goal was to provide a healthier option to the recently invented ice cream milkshakes.

Orange Julius, Smoothie King, and several more businesses joined the American smoothie market in the 1960s and 1970s. The Orange Julius was selected as the 1964 New York World’s Fair’s official beverage.
Since then, as interest in maintaining a healthy diet has increased along with it, smoothies have become ever more well-liked.
In 2003, the “Magic Bullet” was released, sparking a trend for personal blenders that allow users to sip straight from the mixing container. Due to this benefit, preparing smoothies at home became even more convenient and hassle-free. Smoothies remain a popular food choice for people everywhere.

Smoothie King National Smoothie Day Activities

National Smoothie Day is an occasion that may be easily observed wherever one may be. So begin making preparations to enjoy the day by considering some of these suggestions:

Try out something audacious.

Gummy bears, avocado, and coconut milk? Yes, we all have our go-to combinations, but try branching out from “the usual” Try hitting for the fences on Smoothie Day and see what you could have been missing.

Host a cocktail party with smoothies.

Surprise, surprise: your favorite “adult ingredient” and smoothies make a great match. Throw a National Smoothie Day party for adults 21 and older in June and gather for a different kind of mixer.

Become a blender sommelier.

Do you have a buddy who believes they are an expert on smoothies? See how many items you and your friends can identify after drinking a smoothie. It’s possible that someone has a unique “smoothie palette” of they were unaware of.


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