Sons Of The Forest – How to Boost FPS NVIDIA USERS

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Why do we use the term “boost”?

By “boost,” we refer to the action of pushing something up or down from behind to elevate it. It is, in essence, a marketing lingo.

How does FPS work?

These frequencies are typically expressed in frames per second, or fps, which stands for frames per second. At 30 frames per second, for instance, 30 different pictures will be shown in succession over the course of one second. The movement will look unsteady if the frame rate is too low.

Describe Nvidia

Nvidia is a technological firm that specializes in graphics processing unit and was founded in 1993. This business focuses on creating computer graphics processing units.

How to Boost FPS for Sons of the Forest: Since the game has essentially been released, many Sons of the Forest gamers have been experiencing poor framerates. This tutorial will explain how to raise FPS and provide you with advice on how to do so.

Ways to raise Children of the Forest’s frame rate:

Turning off your graphics settings should be the first action you do and one of your initial attempts. To test how the following parameters affect your frame rate, disable them.
Disable display distance, shadow quality, SSAO, fog, ambient occlusion, and fullscreen optimization If you’re playing the game on Steam, there is a solution for the fullscreen optimization issue that plagues many newer Computers.

Click Windows’ Start button. After that, type “sons of the forest” into the search box. Now choose the Sons of the Forest application with the right click. Choose “Open folder with this file” from the menu. Now choose “sonsofttheforest.exe” from the context menu. Choose “Properties” from the menu. Visit the “Compatibility” page now. Uncheck the “Disable fullscreen optimization” checkbox.
You won’t notice a noticeable increase in FPS after applying the adjustments, but several gamers have claimed that it gave an increase of no more than 5 to 10 FPS.

You now have borderless window mode enabled:

All you have to do to increase your total frame rate by 5 to 10 FPS is to change your graphics settings to Windowed Borderless. What you must do is as follows:
Choose the “Display” tab from the game’s settings menu. Under Resolution Settings, select “Fullscreen.” Then pick “Window Borderless.” To save the changes, click “Apply.” Update your DLSS library right away.

Sons of the Forest may leak part of the RAM that is installed by default, thus users of the RTX series of nVidia GPUs should upgrade their DLSS libraries to the most recent version.

To upgrade your DLSS, do the following:

Visit the DLSS PowerUp website to get the most recent version of the DLSS library. You now navigate to your computer’s “Steamsteamappscommonsonsoftheforest” folder. Throw away the previous “nvngx dlss.dll” file. The new DLSS file should be copied, pasted, and then unzipped into the folder. Your DLSS ought to be balanced now that it has been updated.


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